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About Me

 Hello and welcome to my world! I'm Erin, a wife, mother to a beautiful son,  and I love to inspire women to take charge and create a home that makes them happy! I'm too lazy to change my décor for every season and only decorate my home with things that me happy.  I believe that you should love where you live and live what you love. On any given day when I am not working, you can find me rummaging through thrift stores, building and painting things, chasing after my toddler, working on our home budget/meal plan, and customizing my builder-grade home--all on a budget that works for my family. I blog to inspire women to create a home environment that they truly love.

You can expect one/two posts a week that focus on our home projects, organizational hacks, some travel, and the overall things going on in my home and life.

When we purchased our home a few years ago, I would have never imagined this journey. My blog is for the everyday person, like me who may work full-time and manage a family, but longs to create a space that her family can thrive in, that looks beautiful and doesn't break the bank.   I want to share my experiences, and hear yours as well!

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Thanks so much for following along in my journey! I am so glad that you are here!



  1. Love the table you redid from Craig list! It is FABULOUS!!! Excellent job! I'm trying to figure out how to follow you!!

  2. I totally enjoyed viewing your blog - wonderful ideas

  3. Cute photo Erin! Wow, you already have so many elements incoporated into your blog that were detailed during "New Kids on the Block".

    Love your navigation bar and I'm inspired to get my ducks in a row in that regard too. I'm going to look around your blog some more to add to your pageviews-lol.

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