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5 Easy and Cute Last Minute Mother/Kiddo Date Night Ideas for Valentines Day

When I became a mom, I knew I would want to spend as much time with my son before he got too old and too cool to want to be around me. Furthermore, I like to use themed holidays to basically find a reason to do cutesy stuff with him, because I know when he gets older, he won't want to.

Here is my round-up of the five easy and cute mother/kiddo date night ideas just in time for Valentines day and beyond:

1) Cooking Activity
My son loves to help me in the kitchen. Sometimes we do simple and easy things like bake cookies, makes smoothie popsicles or make a pizza from scratch. Things can be simple so don't overthink it. Its really just about the time spent.

2) A trip to the Children's Museum
Here in Atlanta, there are so many different activities to do with kids, such as the Children's Museum. These types of venues, often switch out exhibits and tend to be very interactive. I can guarantee with all of the sensory overload going on in this space, your kiddo will be worn out after and your will get some time to yourself when they go down for an epic nap after!

3) Kiddie Workshops at Home Depot
Home Depot offers free workshops for kids on the weekend that helps to foster creativity in your little person. You can find out about these workshops at your local Home Depot.

4) Weather Permitting Hike and Picnic
My son loves to go walking with me. If weather permits, I would suggest finding a local scenic walking trail and picnic area where you and your kiddo can walk and sit down for a picnic lunch.

5) Building Activity or Craft
This could be a puzzle, either flat or 3D, a  fun and simple craft, or whatever. Again, keep it simple The time spent is what matters.

So that's it! I hope that this tips are helpful if you were looking for ways to spend time with you kid(s) this Valentine's Day.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time!

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