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5 Ways to Easily (and Cheaply) Transform your Home in 2019

Hey and happy Tuesday! If you have been planning on giving your home a makeover this year, but are stuck on which areas that you want to focus on or where you want to put the dollars, then this post is for you. From my years of experience in making constant updates to my home, I've come up with the perfect list of ways you can do the same, on a budget of course.

1) Paint Something That You've been Nervous to Paint

When I considered painting my doors, it initially made me nervous. Not sure why, but typically when a project makes me nervous, that when I go all in. When I painted my interior main level doors Thunder Gray, color matched to Behr paints, It made a world of difference. It really modernized the space, and added a nice contrast against my walls, Many people have painted theirs black, which gives the same impact. 

The same for my kitchen. I've painted it a couple of times, which shows how easily paint can be the simple answer for the change that you need.  

Whatever color you are considering, go for it! Remember, its only paint. 

2) Printing Photos and displaying them in your home

In the times of snapping hundreds of photos on the phone and uploading them to the cloud, or whatever, we rarely print them out and display them. I committed over the last couple of years to not only snap photos, but actually print them to display in my home. I want to encourage you to do the same. It's important to add this sense of warmth to your home. 

3) Add Pretty Plants (Faux or Real)

I absolutely love adding plants to my home.  I have several faux plants, along with real one. They add a sense of warmth to the space and can make a room appear more finished. Plus they are inexpensive and don't have to be a lot of maintenance depending on the type. I will write post specifically about the plants that I have in my home and their known benefits, in the near future. 

4) Add Detailed Decorative Accessories

Adding decorative details around your house provide easy ways to reflect the specific style that you may be going for. While they may be small, such as candlesticks, trays, brass figurines or there tchotchkes, they are what really pull a room together and make it "pop." The beauty of the decorative details is that they can be added in a very inexpensive way, by shopping at discount stores like Goodwill, TJ Maxx, etc. 

5) Enhance your home with Moldings or Wall Treatments

A sure fire way to easily and cheaply update any room, can be as simple as adding a feature wall such as wallpaper, grid style walls, board and batten, or shiplap. With these types of walls, they are typically the focus point, so it makes adding any art of such an easy task. This is because you can do something very simple so that you don't over power the space. Like on my bedroom wall. A simple mirror is all that is needed. 

The board and batten was a simple, yet perfect update for my hallway space 

All of the tips above are the perfect way to start or finish creating a home that you love. Most importantly when doing these things, make sure to stay true to who you are and remember that there are no rules when it comes to making a space that you love and works for you. I hope these budget friendly tips were helpful. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. 

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

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