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Making Our Home Smarter Part Two with Schlage

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. All opinions are my own.

Hey and happy Thursday friends. During the last part of the year, I mentioned that we were making some updates in our home to make it a bit more smarter. During that time, our first project was the installation of the Ring doorbell and floodlight, which we absolutely love. I just love that I can check on my home and receive alerts even when I am not home. It's been great to have for sure.

Now, with the Schlage Camelot lock system, we have a modern, smart door that we can enter using a key, or the added convenience go going  keyless by setting up your personal entry code. It's perfect for times when you may be out of town, or need to provide access to someone for a time period. This lock system is compatible with many other Smart platforms such as Amazon, Alexa, etc.  You can control access with your smart phone and no wiring is needed. I also love the tamper proof alarm feature directly on the lock.
In the spirit of continuing the updates, we decided to install a smart lock system on our home front door with the help of my friends over at Home Depot.

Installing this lock was very easy and simply by following instructions, can be done in a hour or less.

To start, we simply removed our current deadbolt lock.

To make room for the strike plate, we had to use a chisel out our current template a bit more. We just used a chisel and hammer to do so. It was a pretty simple task.

And Voila! The first half was done. It literally was a simple as those steps.

After installing the lock, we moved on to the handle, We wanted an upgraded look and love how this one turned out.

To add the handle the steps are the same, you have to start by removing the old handle of course. Because we were adding a handle that was being attached to the door in two spaces, we had to drill through the door. This was actually very easy to do!

After drilling through the door, you follow the remaining instructions to add the lock. I cannot stress the simplicity of this project!

So are you convinced yet, or have you already been on the Schlage lock bus, and I am just late to the party, lol?

Let me know what you think! Thanks so much fo stoping by. Until next time.

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