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Changing Things Up!

Hey guys and happy Monday! I wanted to pop in and chat with you all really quickly about change. Yep, nothing house related, just about me and how I've been feeling lately, and where I've been going with my brand. If you follow me on IG, then you know that I made an announcement that I will be adding some more lifestyle topics to the blogging mix.  I know we all love the seeing the house evolve, and believe me, that is not going to change AT ALL...but something has been feeling like it's missing for a while now, and I've finally figured it out. I'M MISSING!

I think its important let you all into my life a little bit more,  and show you how I like to "Live Pretty on a Penny"  in various areas of my life.

Most of you know, but I'm a mom, a wife, I work full-time, and manage my blog and brand, which is where my passion truly lies. So I figured that  what better time than now to pull you all into some of the other things that I have going on and love, outside of my home and DIY projects. Things I'm passionate about like skin and self-care, traveling, budgeting, being a mom, and wife, and to be honest, whatever else that I feel defines me at the moment.

So while home will always be at the forefront, I want to welcome you to embrace this change along with me. If you have any topics that you would love to here more about, then let me know. Even if there are more detailed decor or house posts you would love to see, let me know in the comments below

As always, thanks so much for following along and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the ride.

Until next time!


  1. I look forward to the new content Erin.

  2. Hope to be seeing you more often.

  3. I'm so excited to see more lifestyle posts, Erin! I always love to learn more about my blogging boos! Also, your fiddle leaf fig is GOALS. It looks amazing!

    1. Hey Whitney! And thank you! It is really doing well in that spot. I will never move it. And thanks for the support! I appreciate it.

  4. Excited to read more about topics your passionate about!! :) I think its going to be great!

  5. yaay!!! Cant wait to see your upcoming post!


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