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2017 is a Wrap! Most Popular Posts Roundup!

Hey friends and happy New Year! I hope that everyone had an AMAZING start to the new year. I am speaking an abundance of health, wealth and opportunities amongst you all!

Last year I didn't blog much, mainly do to poor time management. I  think that I've finally narrowed down a realistic schedule for myself so here's hoping to more content this year. Before I let the first week of the new year pass me by, I wanted to take a quick look down memory lane, recapping  my top posts of 2017. Since I didn't blog much, I kept it to my top 5, if that's okay with you! So, enough chatting and let's get started

1) Guest Bathroom Makeover

Apparently, you guys loved this space as much as I do. It was a labor of love, with emphasis on the LABOR. You may remember that installed the flooring myself, which was a lot harder than I thought, but I would do it again!

2) I was a speaker at Pinners Conference

I cannot believe I was an actual speaker, but I did it! Yes, I was nervous and thought "what the heck could i possibly have to talk about, but my class was a hit and sold out!

It was a real pinch me moment and I look forward to the opportunity for more speaking engagements.

3) Curb Appeal Updates

One of my most favorite things about homes is the time and effort that individuals put into the landscape. Seriously, the exterior sets the tone for what I think your interior looks like. No matter how pretty your place looks on the inside, make sure the outside tells the same story, and apparently you guys agreed. I made some quick updates to my exterior, adding a stone boarder around the garden bed, and planted some perennials. I love how it turned out and apparently you guys did too!

4) An Organized Pantry

I think we can all agree that we all function so much better in a clean and orderly space. That's the case with my pantry. It was in need of organizational TLC, and even a year later, still functions well.

5) A Painted Vanity

Can you believe that my painted vanity from my guest bathroom makeover made the list of my most popular posts? I think its because it was such a simple, yet drastic change that anybody could do to update an older vanity. I plan to complete another painted vanity in my powder room this year.

And that's all five of my most popular posts of 2017! Which one was your favorite?

I look forward to bringing even more in 2018 and I will be back next week sharing some of my personal and home goals for this year. Still narrowing things down, but I will definitely keep things simple.

I look forward to sharing more with you this year! Thanks so much for sticking around. Until next time!

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