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Summer In Style Outdoor Edition: Simple Curb Appeal Updates Reveal with Pike Nurseries

Hey guys and happy Thursday! We are on day four of Summer in Style Outdoor Edition, hosted by my girl Chic Little House. If you haven't visited the other ladies on the blog tour, then be sure to check them out! All of their links are listed below. If you are visiting me from the blog hop, then welcome! I'm Erin and I like to think of myself as an average wife and mom,  that loves beautiful things, especially home décor. I blog about fixing up my 90's home, adding modern updates and custom appeal, on a budget that works for my family.

I believe that the outside of the home should reflect just as much beauty as the inside, and that curb appeal is super important! When people pull up to my home, I want them to know that our home is inviting and well cared for. So I was super excited to have the opportunity to work with Pike Nurseries on a quick spring refresh for our front yard and reveal it to you all during the Summer In Style Outdoor Edition.

On Tuesday, I gave you a sneak peek into my front yard before my spring updates. Now it's time to see what we've done! It was raining on and off while I shot these photos, but I was so determined to share with you all!

This year, I decided to replant a few perennials in the front, that compliment my current knockout roses and hydrangea bush.

I planted Dwarf Plumbago.

And these are Chapel Hill Yellow Lantana. Both bloom through Fall, grow heartily, and will come back every year.

I also added stone edging which I love a whole lot!

I was able to do this pretty quickly and inexpensively. Each of the pavers only cost $0.46 each. I showed you in my last post how easily I installed them.

On either side of my door, I have these turquoise planters. They are just the orange ceramic planters that I found at Pike Nurseries and I spray painted them. I also added this really cool patterned doormat.

Each planter is filled with Dracaena Spike in the center, with hypoestes, sweet potato vine, Lysimachi, and Vinca. Pike Nurseries offers the best selection of annuals.  Did I mention that I created this arrangement myself? I'm pretty in love with it.

My 3 year old son loves our newly dressed porch area as well:)

My hydrangea bush that I added a couple years back is really flourishing with all of the rain!

This plant is also doing well. I forgot the name of it, but it attracts a bunch of butterflies.

This tree that sits off to the right of my driveway got some mulch and edging. It's hard edging a tree with so many roots, but even the minor update we gave it, made it look a bit more polished. I may plant flowers around it next year.

I added in some solar lights as well, just to add some ambiance during the night hours. I think this was a great addition. I added in a total of 6 throughout so that the light kind of gives off a warm glow at night between the plants.

So what do you think?

I would like to thank Pike Nurseries for partnering with me on this post, along with Chic Little House for including me in the outdoor tour!

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Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!


  1. your garden looks beautiful! love your hydrangeas!

  2. Erin !!! I love it!!!! I absolutely love the pavers and your blooms are gorgeous!!

  3. Gorgeous Erin! I love the pavers!

  4. Such an abundance of beautiful plants! Love it and love a pretty brick exterior.

  5. Hey Erin! Your yard looks so pretty with all the extra plants you added in. I really love the difference the pavers made.


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