Live Pretty on a Penny: Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal!

Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Yes! You read the title correctly. The guest bathroom is finally done! I am so excited and NERVOUS to share this completed project with you all. After a few months, and many late nights, I am happy to call this project completed:) So lets go back to where we started and then get straight to the reveal...

A few months ago, I announced my partnership with Floor & Decor on this project and if you don't remember, this is what the space looked like when I got started...

I got chance to tour my local store and selected The Bianco Hexagon Marble Mosaic as the starting point for my makeover.

I laid out my plans for this space with my mood board..

Then I showed you the progress that I had made through weekly-ish updates.

And now we are finally here! So enough small talk, lets go right into the reveal...

I opted to switch out the rectangle mirror for a round one. Since the size and color I needed was hard to find I used one that I found at Target, which had a gold base, and simply used silver rub n buff to change the base color to silver.

For space saving and visibility, I opted for the wood and wire rolling storage  cart to store immediate guest necessities. It's perfect to store cotton rounds, swabs, towels, and extra toilet paper.

I got the art on clearance for $8 at HomeGoods.

The shower curtain and curved shower rod is from Target. I love the extra space that the curved rod provides in the shower.  Even though this isn't my master bath, I like that it will make my guests more comfortable.

I'm sure you notice that opted for a pattered shower curtain instead of the white one and that's because the white was so blah. I'm a fan of pattern, and I think this one was perfect, especially to tie in the black vanity.

Here is a shot of the room without the lights on.

I trimmed out the window, and you can see more about that here. I also added this bamboo shade for another texture element.

We do have one last thing to do, and that's to reinstall the door, lol. After installing the tile, the floor was a bit to too tall to allow the door to open and close. We, (well my husband), is in the process of shaving the door down to accommodate the new floor so it should be put back by the weekend. To be honest, it was easier to take photos without the door in place.

So that's about it! What do you think? Thanks so much for following along with this project. I appreciate  all of the kind words during the process. Many nights I thought to myself, "Erin, what in the heck have you gotten yourself into?"

A  very special thanks for Floor &Decor for sponsoring this post and providing the materials needed to rock this floor! All opinions are my own.

You can check out all of my past progress:

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  1. Such a beautiful makeover, Erin!! I love how light and bright it feels. So awesome that you did this yourself.

  2. this is absolutely gorgeous Erin! I love your tile choice and so amazed that you did that yourself! Great makeover, you have given me some great inspiration for my bathroom makeover!

    1. Thank you Alaya!I'm glad that you liked it:)

  3. Hip hip hooooray! cheers to you...for knocking this out.. Great job

  4. Love the design and esp. that cart!

  5. Wow, wow, wow! This came out amazing, I adore those floors! What an amazing before and after, Beautiful job Erin!

  6. You guys did a fabulous job, it really looks great!

  7. Erin, you did an amazing job! I love the new look, especially the floors!

  8. Beautiful renovation! Congrats now on to the next project! 😊

  9. Oh, I'm so loving your bathroom reno. Such a light and airy feel. I know your guests will enjoy that space.

  10. Erin, your bathroom is so beautiful! I love all the details and that tile is gorgeous!

  11. Erin!! You knocked out of the park, the bathroom looks incredible and I love the marble floor, I really want to pet it so flipping pretty and bravo for DIYing it yourself - you got skills chica!

  12. Your bathroom turned out great! With that floor as the starting point, you can't go wrong. Love the shower curtain and the window shade too.


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