March 2017 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal!

Yes! You read the title correctly. The guest bathroom is finally done! I am so excited and NERVOUS to share this completed project with you all. After a few months, and many late nights, I am happy to call this project completed:) So lets go back to where we started and then get straight to the reveal...

Guest Bathroom Update # 4: Final Bathroom Updates Before the Reveal

Hey guys and happy Thursday. Popping in for a quick bathroom update...I am finally finished laying the floor! My back and knees are definitely thanking me for it. Sheesh, it was rough but so worth it.
I've been shopping as well for accessories to add to the space once its all done. And I've picked up a few things so far.

Guest Bathroom Update #3: How To Install Backer Board and Mosaic Marble Floor Tile

Hey guys and happy Friday!! I am soooo close to being done with the bathroom that I can smell it. I wanted to drop back in with another update this week. I've officially started laying the floors!! Since you guys are following along with me, I am here to show you how we laid the floor down, using backer board as the underlayment.

Now as always during my process posts, I like to give you a disclaimer, this post is not pretty, but its honest. Laying backer board and tile is not fun, and my back and knees are still paying for it, but its so worth it.

If you've been following along, you know that the last couple of weeks, you know that I revealed what my actual makeover plans were, painted the vanity and wall, trimmed the window, and gave you a sneak peek of the mirror.

And you may even want to take a look back as to where this bathroom started...

Here is where we are now: