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2017 Home & Personal Goals

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?! I know I'm super late posting my home and personal goals, but I always say better late than never. To be honest, I really had to figure out exactly what I wanted to accomplish this year with the blog, myself as Live Pretty on a Penny, and myself as a brand. So let's get into it!

Home Goals:
We were blessed to accomplish a lot last year on the home front, so that cut down this list a lot. There are some cosmetic things I would like to do, and some bigger projects as well, but not nearly as many as in the past

1) Guest Bathroom Makeover
As you know from this post and this post, we are currently in the process of making this happen. It's long overdue and I can't wait to have it all completed! Make sure you are subscribed so that you can follow along with the entire process!

2) Exterior Cosmetic Updates
My home was built in 1996 and certainly is in need of some exterior updates. Nothing major (knock on wood), but just some cosmetic touches here and there.

I plan on the following:
  • Paint my front door
  • paint left window seal and repair wood
  • At the very top (which is cut off) we need to repair the decorative circle around the top
  • Sand a paint black railing
  • Possibly add shrubs to the side of the house- currently nothing is there 

3) Refinish my thrifted new dining room table
I currently have a dining room table that holds 4.

 I recently found a pretty much identical version of my table, but with a leaf, which can accommodate up to 6 people. So this Spring, this one will be getting a makeover and replacing my current one.

I know its ugly, but don't worry, my current one looked just like this before it got a pretty makeover:)

4) Remaining Lighting for the Kitchen

When we completed the Kitchen Makeover, I needed to add under cabinet lighting, and a light over my table. I still need to do both of those this year.

5) Basement Projects
I actually have a really nice basement which we don't make the best use of. This year I would like to do a couple projects down there to make it more usable. First it needs a heating and cooling system installed, which we are hoping to do in the next couple of months, then I would like to add a game space. , I want to buy a pool table, create a darts area, and begin building a bar area.. If more opportunity comes to complete this space, then I am all for it!

6) Big Boy Room Update
Toddler Jules is slowly outgrowing his nursery and I am ready to give him a big boy room update. I will share plans soon.

So thats it on the home goals front! I'm sure there may be some other things here and there, but as far as my focus...it's on the things that I've listed above.

Now on to personal....

1)Dream BIGGER-  One of my BIGGEST goals is to grow the Live Pretty on a Penny brand. You will see various things that I do throughout the year that aligns with those goals and I am so excited.

2)Save some money- I always like to challenge myself to save money. I know that's everybody's goal, so I'm doing the 52 week challenge.

3) Create more experiences- Its so easy to get caught up in the day to day that life can pass you by. I would like to experience more things and places, even if they are small with my family and friends.

4) Lose a couple pounds- I've joined my local gym so wish me luck!

My personal goals are simple, nothing to fussy or hard to keep.

So what about you? Have you done any goal setting for 2017? What's the hardest thing about keeping goals to you?

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time!


  1. These are all great goals! Amen for personal experiences! ...and can't wait to see all the home updates you make!

  2. So many exciting things happening at your place this year. Love the idea of creating more experiences!

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  4. Erin I love how you've set both home and personal goals ! You've got some good ones too !! Cheering you on friend !!


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