January 2017 | Live Pretty on a Penny

4 Things I've Learned after being a Mom for 3 years

10 Days of Organizing: A Family Friendly Pantry Makeover

Happy Monday guys! We are on day 8 of the #10daysoforganizing. I hope that you've been following along because there are some great projects that have bee done over the last week. Today I'm here with a quick and inexpensive pantry makeover that I did for my family. With the new year, it never fails...my urge to organize and declutter becomes rampant, but with good intentions of course. I just like to make like easier. As you know, I work full time, and manage a household, so organization is my key to success. I understand that things won't be perfect, but striving to make daily things less stressful, like find an item in the pantry, is an easy fix. Before we move on, do you recognize that little masked head next to the flowers. Toddler Jules of course, he refused to move out of the picture, lol. Moving on...

Before my makeover, my pantry looked like this...

2017 Home & Personal Goals

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?! I know I'm super late posting my home and personal goals, but I always say better late than never. To be honest, I really had to figure out exactly what I wanted to accomplish this year with the blog, myself as Live Pretty on a Penny, and myself as a brand. So let's get into it!

Official Guest Bathroom Plans

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my announcement of my Floor and Decor partnership. I am so excited to see this project come together and promise to share everything along the way. Someone asked in the comments on my last post will we be doing the work ourselves. The answer is YES!! Every single bit of it. There will be in-depth video content posted  on my YouTube channel as well, so make sure you are subscribed so that you don't miss it.

So let's flash back to a few days ago when I showed you our current guest bathroom space and my tour of Floor and Decor, and the floors that we selected as the starting point for this makeover.

Guest Bathroom Makeover: My Partnership with Floor & Decor

Happy 2017!! I cannot believe we are in a NEW YEAR! 2017!! Woohoo!!! I am so pumped for the New Year and what better way to kick things off than a fresh, new home project! I will be back later this week to talk about some home goals for this year, but this month I am super focused on completing my guest bathroom. I am also very excited to be partnering with Floor & Decor on the project. Floor & Decor is my absolute favorite spot for flooring! I've used several of their products in my home and they offer a wide variety of in-stock top-quality flooring at rock bottom prices.

I was fortunate enough to tour my local Kennesaw store, right outside of Atlanta and it was awesome to view the store in such a different element! Let me take you along for the ride. Stick around until the end and I will show you which floors I selected and a pretty hideous picture of my guest room as it stands.