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Our Trip to the Grand Canyon

Hey guys! Last week, my husband and I took a tour of the Grand Canyon! I had to attend a conference in Phoenix and we figured, what better time to take this trip than now. So we booked a tour through Groupon.com which included a full day trip through Sedona, The Navajo Nation and the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is about 3.5 hours from Phoenix, and adding the Sedona and Navajo Nation portion to the trip extended the drive by a couple of hours, but no complaints from me...since we weren't driving:)

Sedona is a gorgeous city! If I make my way back to Arizona, I would definitely stay in Sedona. It has the perfect backdrop of red rock mountains.

I didn't snap many photos of the Navajo Nation Reservation because we saw most of it from the tour bus. But you can definitely read more about it here.

And of course The Canyon was absolutely gorgeous!

Photos seriously do this place no justice. I also recorded a vlog of this trip and you can check it out below. Be sure to visit and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more vlogs, videos about my life and experiences in home ownership.

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  1. Would you recommend the tour company? we are looking at a road trip next spring...

    1. Yes, I would. They were great and I loved how thorough our tour guide was! Thanks for checking out the post.

  2. The Grand Canyon looks amazing! I've only ever seen it overhead and now I really want to go for a visit. Loved the vlog!


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