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Hey guys and happy Fall home tour day! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I have teamed up with a group of seven other FABULOUS bloggers to bring you #FABFALLFEST over the last 4 weeks. Well, as promised, today we are showcasing our homes for the Fall!

To be honest, I am usually a minimalist when it comes to seasonal décor, with the exception of Christmas.  I would attribute it to the fact that I am pretty happy with where my décor stands year 'round, so changing things out seasonally is a bit more work than I like to take on. But, since the Fall season is slowly making its way to Georgia (finally), I felt inspired to add a few pops of Fall décor in my home to change the mood up just a bit.
When it comes to decorating for Fall, my style is fairly simple and neutral. Traditional Fall colors get replaced with my personal rendition of Fall colors, such as blue, white, gold, natural, and wood-tone accents, along with Fall scented candles.

I'd like to think of my Foyer as functional, pretty and welcoming. Adding pops of greenery, a cucumber melon scented candle (which smells like heaven), a cute sign, and a quick pillow switch-out to my gray and white buffalo check pillow, my entryway quickly became Fall ready without a bunch of fuss.

5 Years Later- What I've Learned After 5 Years of Home Ownership

You guys! It's been five years since we bought and closed on our first home, can you believe it?
When we bought our house back in September 2011, it looked like this.
Not too bad, but definitely needed some work. It was a foreclosure and had been vacant for around 8 months before we bought it.  It's so funny because we knew nothing about where this journey would take us. We both came from apartments, with hand me down furniture, really bad art and other accents, and the things we did have were pieced together.
It wasn't until I moved into my home that I got the decorating bug and it hasn't stopped. That's why I'm so thankful for this blog. It's the perfect outlet to share my passion.
It's so weird to me how fast time goes, but I am enjoying the journey along the way.

So in celebration of our 5th year of homeownership, I want to share 5 things we, or specifically I  have learned during this process of home ownership.

1) There is ALWAYS something...ALWAYS...

Our Trip to the Grand Canyon

Hey guys! Last week, my husband and I took a tour of the Grand Canyon! I had to attend a conference in Phoenix and we figured, what better time to take this trip than now. So we booked a tour through which included a full day trip through Sedona, The Navajo Nation and the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is about 3.5 hours from Phoenix, and adding the Sedona and Navajo Nation portion to the trip extended the drive by a couple of hours, but no complaints from me...since we weren't driving:)

Sedona is a gorgeous city! If I make my way back to Arizona, I would definitely stay in Sedona. It has the perfect backdrop of red rock mountains.

Hey Ya'll, Let's Talk Fall: Fabulous Free Printables!

Hey guys! I simply cannot believe that we are officially in September. I know people say this often, but dang, time is just flying way too fast. I mean really...will we already have to deal with falling leaves taking over my yard? Will by baby boy be 3 in a few months? Will I really be pulling out my boots and sweaters soon? Sometimes, I just can't deal with how fast time flies.

Anywho, me and seven of my blogging buddies are hosting an awesome hashtag over on Instagram that you totally need to take part in...if you are on Instagram. It's called the #fabfallfest where each week, we are hosting and showcasing all things Fall!

This week, lets talk...

And my focus is totally on the FREE printables. I've rounded up five of my favorite printables from around the web, so hopefully you will find some to use in you home this Fall! Who doesn't want free art?

1) This print from Jones Design Company. I love its simplicity and think it would be the perfect seasonal addition to a gallery wall!

FREE fall art print / download at jones design company
Free Fall Art Print / download at Jones Design Company

2) Here is a really cute print from Lolly Jane. The perfect message, especially to keep around for Thanksgiving. Also, I love the non-traditional Fall colors used.Printable Fall Art | Download full resolution art at

3) Or what about this watercolor wreath printable from Place of My Taste. I love how simple it is as well.


4) Since I am loving on watercolors and wreaths, why not feature another which is pretty darn cute too! I am loving this Fall Berry and watercolor printable.

5) Lastly, this one says it all...and can be found here .
10 More Fall Printables |Fall Is In The Air | 10 original free printables ready for instant download. Use them for DIY Wall Art, Cards, Crafts, Screensavers and more!

So what do you guys think? Do you love printables and changing them out seasonally?

What about any other Fall wall décor such as wreaths, signs, etc.

Don't forget to hashtag myself, along with the seven other others during our fun four week hashtag on Instagram. If you aren't following me over there, then head on over and do so! I promise, you will not want to miss out.

Until next time!