May 2016 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Office Reveal Day!

I am a firm believer that when I commit to something, I have to get it done! Now when I started this project, I of course did not believe it would have taken me over the 30 day commitment to complete, but I was determined to finish it. I couldn't have imagined that I would be dealing with having repairs done on my main level, along with completing this room, but that's life. And today is the today. The room is finished and I am so happy!

I won't take up this post with too many words. Here is what the office looked like before.

# LivePrettyKitchen: Kitchen Progress

Hey there! Super excited that I have a kitchen update for you guys this week! Last week, I got my flooring installed and my old backsplash torn out. Earlier this week, I got the drywall patched and smoothed to prepare for the new backsplash and I also got my new granite countertop!
But first, let't take a look at where we started...

#LivePrettyKitchen: Over the Sink Lighting and a Faucet

Hey there. I am super excited to have not one, but two of my kitchen wish list items crossed off of my "gotta get" list!

Here is a breakdown of my changes.

SOME Progress -Project 1 Room 30 Days (Week Four)

As promised, I am back with a couple #1room30days updates. I have to be honest yall...I am sooo behind. Like I told you last week, life got in the way last week, and this weekend I will be traveling to visit a recovering friend, so I am just behind. But the finish line is close!

Plus, what great project doesn't have hiccups. So I'm not beating myself up too bad.

So here we go...

Kitchen Inspiration

Hey guys and happy Tuesday!

Last week I mentioned that my kitchen is going to undergo some upcoming changes and I am super excited about it. You can read all about the changes here.

This image pretty much sums up the changes:

In my last post, I also mentioned that I had decided on my granite for the new countertop.