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Floor Shopping

As you know from this post and this post, I am working through the logistics of getting my home back in order. We finally settled with my insurance company, and repairs will begin very soon. One of the first things that will happen is the replacement of my kitchen, living room, dining room, family room flooring. Although the dining room floor was the only floor damaged, my floors flow throughout the rest of the house, so everything will have to be pulled up and replaced. Same situation with my kitchen floors, which are ceramic tile. The water seeped under the ceramic tile in the bathroom, which runs from that bathroom to my kitchen floor, so all of that flooring has to be removed as well.

The flooring in every room except for the kitchen and bathroom is a premium laminate that I bought a few years ago. The reason we have laminate is because we are pet people and have two dogs, one of which is very large so he would scratch the heck out of hardwood flooring. I am okay with laminate because they offer so many options and it has been very durable in our house.  The part that sucks is that I love my current floor, but that floor is now discontinued.

I just realized that I never snapped any really good pictures of my current floors. but you get the idea from these pics.


I know the picture quality of this photo is terrible. This was taken a few years ago while installation was in process.

So I have been sourcing different flooring options for all of the rooms, except the kitchen and trying to make a decision and stick with it! I have a couple of plans for the kitchen, so that is why I haven't been shopping as hard for that floor. More on that in a later post:)

I have grown to love the look of hand scraped flooring, but had only seen it in the wood version. Then I saw that floor & décor offered a selection in a random-width version.   So besides the mix of colors and the hand scraped texture of the flooring which creates a nice dimension , the boards are also multiple widths which creates even more dimension and interest.

Much different from my current floor, but with the same tone.

Here are a couple of examples of hand scraped flooring that I love:

I love the floors that Dana from House Tweaking has in her home. They are gorgeous! Hers are an engineered wood, but the laminate ones I am considering look very similar.


Sarah over at Life on Virginia Street also showcases a gorgeous version of hand scraped, multi-width flooring. Its beautiful!

Now for the other version. Its a solid wide width plank. That is what I currently have and while its pretty, I think this may be opportunity to step outside of the box.

  I think I like this one because its safe. I mean, I don't think I could go wrong with it, but realistically, the multi-width is something that I love.

So, while these are my top two, I still want to check a couple more places.

So what do you think? Out of these two, who has your vote and why? Share in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time.


  1. I love the multi-width one! I can't say a particular reason why, I think I have always just been drawn to it. Good Luck!!

    1. Thanks Alaya. I love the multi-width one as well!

  2. I like both options. The multi-width floor is intriguing. Good luck Erin!

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