April 2016 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Live Pretty Kitchen: Changes Coming to the Kitchen!

Hey there and happy end of April. I know that I owe you a #1room30days challenge post, but to be honest, I am behind. I thought that I would get some work done this past weekend making over my desk and file cabinet but it just didn't happen. So I think my office will be more like 1 room 40 days or something like that, lol. But I am almost at the finish line I promise and I will definitely be back next week with an update.

But in the midst of working on my office, where you can see the progress here, here, and here, my contractor has been making some serious lead way on the repairs in my home which I will update you guys on soon. The new floors are in and I am in love with them. I will share those next week.  I am also happy to let you guys in on something that I had been wishing and hoping about since the whole situation regarding the leak in my home. You may remember that I mentioned in this post that I  was hoping to make some additional changes since I would have a contractor working on repairs from the leak damage anyway. So me and my husband this was a better time than any to tackle a few things in relation to the kitchen.

Here is my kitchen as it stands today...

Office Seating Area- Project: 1 Room 30 Days (Week Three)

Hey guys and happy Tuesday! I cannot believe I am writing this but we are in week three of Project: 1room 30 days and it seems like time if flying!!!

In case you missed it, here are my week one and week two updates. Click on over and check them out.

I'm back today to share my seating area with you all.

Floor Shopping

Rug Selection- Project: 1 Room 30 Days (Week 2)

Welcome back to week two of Project: 1 Room 30 Days. I'm telling you all, the pressure to get this room done is both fun, and challenging. I want to make sure my selection's align with my overall goals and vision of the room, so I keep questioning myself on some of my decisions to make sure that I am truly happy with my choices. But one thing for sure is that I LOVE my rug selection.

Ikea Vittsjo Shelving-Project: 1 Room 30 Days (Week One)

Hey there and welcome to week two of Project: #1room30days. I am excited to have this project underway and even more excited to show you my progress for week one. This past weekend, I spent time de-cluttering this room and getting rid of the things that no longer fit in the new look that I am going for. A lot of things I sold online through my local Facebook group and some items I donated.

I also got a chance to install and decorate my Ikea Vittsjo Shelving unit. The unit comes with two rows and retails for $79.99. In this space, I wanted an area to hide all of my little items that would normally be in drawers, a place to store my abundance of makeup, and I wanted it all to look pretty and less cluttered. Since I have always loved the look of the Ikea Vittsjo shelving that I had seen on Pinterest and it is now offered in white, this unit was definitely up my alley.

You may remember in my office plans, I mentioned wanting to purchase the Ikea white Expedit unit. Well, once I saw it in the store, I changed my mind. It wasn't as tall as I had hoped it would be. I am much happier with the Vittsjo for sure!

I placed my shelving unit against the wall where the futon used to be. It actually came with anchors to secure it into the wall to avoid tipping.

 I purchased two units and pulled different pieces that I already owned, some from Goodwill, and other little store bought trinkets and decked out my units a bit.

Here she is on that same wall now:

Project: 1 Room 30 Days Kick Off

Hi guys and happy Saturday! As you know, I have plans to work on updating my office this year and I found the perfect way to get my behind in gear and get this room finished! I am participating in Project: 1 Room 30 Days, hosted by Alaya who blogs over at Behind the Big Green Door. This project serves at the motivation to get your butt in gear and finally get a project finished.

So I will be working on my office over the next 30 days and giving weekly updates along the way. As a refresher, here is what my office currently looks like.

I have already sold most of the items in the room, and am looking for a fresh start.You can check out my office plans here.  Stay tuned next week for my first update!

Until next time. Have a great weekend!