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Must Have DIY Tools for Beginners from

I get it, calling yourself a DIY'er can be both intimidating and scary because you often think, what the heck do I know about this whole DIY thing, and am I really cut to do what it takes to give myself that "title."

 Believe me, I ask myself the same thing EVERYTIME I start a project...EVERY SINGLE TIME.
But don't worry. The one thing I will say that earned what I call "a yellow belt" in DIY had to be my selection of tools that helped me when I first got started. While there are more advanced tools that are great to have as you get more experience, I got a list of tools that even if you are just a beginning DIY'er or somewhat seasoned, these are a must for your arsenal!
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Ok now that you have the inside scoop on where to go get your tools, let's get to the list!
 1)Power Drill
A great power drill can make or break a project and will always be my first pick for any level DIY'er. Seriously, once you use a power drill, manual screwdrivers will almost become a thing of the past. Even for projects where I have to screw in even the smallest screw, I use my drill.  I recommend finding a drill which fits comfortably in your hand and offers a variety of speeds. The adjustable speeds are helpful when you are dealing  with a variety of different screws and need an adjustable speed to control the depth of the screw.
2) Palm Sander
                                     INGERSOLL-RAND - Air Random Orbital Sander, 0.30HP, 5 In.
All of the furniture finishing projects that I have completed here on the blog could not have been done without sanding first, and I love to use my palm sander. The use of a palm sander is so simple, yet so effective. Using a palm sander preps the surface of your project to receive whatever paint or stain that you are applying. Some come with either a vibrating or orbital base, which allows for finer sanding and optimal prep.
3) Electric Staple Gun
There are projects floating all across the web which  involve reupholstering an item to create something new. The good thing is that if the project is pretty simple, and you can do this easily with an electric staple gun. This includes all of those awesome upholstered headboard tutorials that you see out there on the internet, upholstering an ottoman, or whatever you may want to jazz up with fabric. An electric staple gun will be your best friend to create a professional finish!

All of these tools I consider an investment and can serve a variety of uses for years to come.
 So what do you say? Are you ready to conquer the DIY world?
Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time.

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  1. Great list! I couldn't live without my Ryobi power drill! is new to me, it's great that they offer free shipping! Thanks for the info!

  2. I need to invest in the electric staple gun! My hands can only take manual for so much longer! lol. Great like and I'll have to check out!

  3. DIY is really scary because you think to yourself that you don't know anything about woodworking not to mention power tools (the good ones) can be expensive! Thanks for sharing the basic tools you found useful. I'd say the sander is the best!

  4. Great post Erin, extremely helpful for people that are just starting their DIY adventure! You're 100% right about palm sanders being super easy to use and effective, they're the best sanding machines for beginners right there next to random orbital sanders. Feel free to read my palm sander reviews to get an idea of which one's right for you. Thanks for the post!

  5. Great selection of tools for beginners! Even though I'm biased (I'm a professional woodworker after all), I'd say that palm sanders are the best investment to make when you're just starting to get your hands on DIY projects.


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