March 2016 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Must Have DIY Tools for Beginners from

I get it, calling yourself a DIY'er can be both intimidating and scary because you often think, what the heck do I know about this whole DIY thing, and am I really cut to do what it takes to give myself that "title."

 Believe me, I ask myself the same thing EVERYTIME I start a project...EVERY SINGLE TIME.
But don't worry. The one thing I will say that earned what I call "a yellow belt" in DIY had to be my selection of tools that helped me when I first got started. While there are more advanced tools that are great to have as you get more experience, I got a list of tools that even if you are just a beginning DIY'er or somewhat seasoned, these are a must for your arsenal!
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The Ugly Side of Owning a Home: When There is a "Leak" Part Two

If you checked out my post last week, or even caught some shots on Instagram, then you know that we discovered a leak in our home a couple of weeks ago.

Well today, I am here to continue giving you a play by play of the damage. As I mentioned last week, my dining room walls were torn out so that the plumbers could pinpoint exactly where the leak was coming from. Since I have a bathroom just on the other side of my dining room wall, and that bathroom sits just above the basement where I also received significant damage, they knew it had something to do with the pipes from that bathroom.

You can read the full recap of the discovery and damage to my living room here.

The Ugly Side of Owning a Home: When There is a "Leak" Part One

Owning a home can certainly come with its challenges as I discovered last week. To give you a bit of background first, a couple of weeks ago my husband mentioned that he found a small leak in the basement coming through the ceiling.  When he said small I thought to myself "aww man, but it can't be too major if its not flooded." When I checked it out, it didn't look too bad. It was drops of water leaking from the ceiling and I just knew we would need to get it checked out.

Little did I know it would get worse. 

We called a local contractor that we had worked with on several projects before and asked him to come take a look. He thought maybe the toilet above that area in my powder room was leaking and that it would be an easy fix. He came out the next day and when we walked down to check the basement, it looked like this!

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