February 2016 | Live Pretty on a Penny

A Simple Valentines Day Gift Guide

Hello my good people and happy February. We all know that Valentines day is quickly approaching, and I have to be quite honest... I am lazy when it comes to this holiday, although I love it! Because frankly, who doesn't like to show the people in their lives how much they love them.

So I have been scouring the net and have come up with some of my most favorite and easy DIY gift ideas to share with the ones you love most! Plus, if you are anything like me, they are super easy to do.

How about this cute teachers gift mailbox idea that my girl Alaya with Behind the Big Green Door created with items from the Target $1/$3 bin. She filled it using a Starbucks gift card and some other neat useful essentials. I think its adorable and perfect as a teachers gift. You can click over and see how she completed this special gift.