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What's Your Builder Grade? How I Added Customized Touches to My Builder Grade Home

In the past 4 years that I have lived in my home, I had to find ways to make it less "builder-grade" and more like a home. Not that anything is wrong with a "builder-grade home," but for me, I just needed more. For those of you scratching your head an thinking, "ummm builder what? What the heck is a builder-grade home anyway?" Well to simply put it into my own terms, it is basically a house that a builder mimics throughout a development. All of the houses come with the same light fixtures, similar layouts, paint colors, carpeting, counters, and pretty much anything else that you can mimic in multiple homes.

I mean I get...it benefits the builder. It's cheaper, they can buy the fixtures, paint, etc. in bulk, and it's really just easier. Also, it's a cheaper way to go for the homebuyer. It's always cheaper to add customizable touches after you buy the home, rather than going through the builder for what the call "upgrades."

Make sense? I hope I explained that right:)

Refinishing an Oak Dining Room Table (A Throwback Post)

Hi friends! Sometimes, I like to look back through my blog and check out some of my posts that I felt were the most informative, and by the age of the post and the traffic it still gets, apparently people think its pretty informative as well! Over the next few weeks here and there, I plan to revisit some of my popular older posts and tutorials that are still relevant in my home. Well, this happens to be one of the those posts, circa October 2012.

To this day, I still love to update dated wood furniture, and looking back through this tutorial...I still follow every single one of these steps. So I figured today we could throw it back, in hopes that this tutorial on staining an oak table will help somebody today! And if you think this tutorial probably looks easier than it really is--its not. It really is this simple AND this impactful. Plus you will see at the bottom I have an updated picture of how the table has held up to this very day.

Originally posted: October 24, 2012

Recently,while doing one of my daily pinterest hunts, I came across several images of gorgeous pedestal tables. Since then, I have been on the search for a nice round table for my dining room, that was at least 48' in diameter. Since my dining room is small, I needed something that would look nice in the space, but not take up too much room. I checked a bunch of stores and online,  but was not feeling any pricing that these tables were going for. I was on the hunt for something like this:

Thrifting and Flea Market Makeover Party

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you know how much I LOVE thrift stores. I visit Goodwill weekly, and not because they ask me to, but because more people tend to donate there because its easy, so I tend to find alot of good things. I think for me, the exciting part is not knowing what I may luck up on when I shop. It's a treasure hunt:)  I know, I know... I need to get a life. But this is my life...so....

My First YouTube Video!!! Incorporating Thrifted Items into my Home

Its rough, its shaky, it was very awkward... but its done. I actually uploaded my first YouTube video and though it is not the most interesting and the quality is not the best, I am just happy that I got it done!

Feel free to check it out below and subscribe to my channel. Oh yeah, and be nice:) It's just the beginning.

If you have any videos that you would like to see. Leave your suggestions in the comments below!
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5 Ways to Create a Welcoming & Functional Guest Room

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my guest room reveal last week. It was received very well, and remember the contest that I entered it in? Well, I won!!! So I received a gift card to a big box store and a 1 hour design consultation. I am so pumped!!

I think its important that when people visit your home, they should feel welcomed and relaxed.  Continuing on with the guest room makeover, I wanted to give you guys my take on ways to create a welcoming and functional guest room.