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Bed and Breakfast Style Guest Room Makeover

We are getting VERY close to Fall, and with this time of the year, we tend to have more visitors in our home, with Summer being a close second. I have total of four bedrooms in my home and the main one that guests use when they visit had become a pure dumping ground, and even when it wasn't in chaos, it was a beige bore.

I even tried to reuse some old "art" that I had in my apartment to at least make it presentable, but I still hated it.

 Haha! Big change, I know:)

My husband's old bed and chest of drawers is what we used for our guests.To be honest, it was never my favorite and I felt the original bed frame was too large and bulky this smaller room. After winning a contest and scoring a gift card to a big box store for some paint essentials, I was able to plan a long overdue makeover for this room. Although painting the room was the focus of the contest, that was just a start for me. . I love that it is full of thrifted, re-purposed, and inexpensive items. You may remember this plan that I put together as a guide to help me achieve the look I was going for in this room.

After getting rid of the bed on my local Facebook Yard Sale group,  deciding on a headboard, painting the room Dover Gray by Olympic Paint and Stain, and following the theme of my idea board, the room came together beautifully!!

 The side table was a Goodwill purchase and I showed the before and after on Instagram. I know that the curtains are a little short. I plan to add fabric to them at some point to lengthen them, I just wanted the added height so I raised the curtain rod.

The headboard choice was the perfect choice for this room. It totally enhanced the bed and "breakfasty" look that I was going for.

I chose to keep the chest of drawers in the original wood color, which is even shocking to me. I just felt like it flowed better in its original wood form. I sprayed the handles using Krylon Gold spray paint to freshen them up.

The chair was originally in the family room and has found a new home here. The boxwood pot is from Marshall's and all of the framed botanical art is from here. The Marshall pillow is from this Etsy shop.

On the nightstand, I placed an old fashioned alarm clock that I purchased from Goodwill, along with a lamp, brass tray, and some faux greenery. It came together nicely.

Even at night, I love how it looks.

You may have noticed I flipped the location of the furniture around so where the bed used to be originally, now it the wall for the chest of drawers and tv.Where the chest was, is now the wall where the bed for the bed. 

The mix of pillow patterns is one of my favorite elements.

I think its important to accommodate guests when they visit and make their stay enjoyable and relaxing. For me, putting together this basket of essentials was important for me. If you come to my house and forget something, hopefully you will find it in this basket!

I scored this luggage rack from Goodwill for $5 and knew I had to have it. I gave it a quick makeover with navy blue and gold spray paint. A luggage rack in a guest room is a great added detail.

I just love to see transformations and the potential that any room in our homes have, and it does not have to break the bank! Take it from me...with the cost of childcare alone, our budget is a lot tighter. So my goal has always been to source the least expensive items that still give a large bang.

I just love this view into the room.

After adding up everything, I spent around $250 for everything, which is nothing for an entire makeover. I had gift cards as well, so that reduced my out of pocket costs of course.

If you have any questions regarding any of the items in this room, let me know. Feel free to email me or leave a comment below.


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5 Ways to Maximize Your Thrifting Experience

Anyone who knows me, they know that I LOVE browsing thrift stores for home items. I guess for me, its the thrill of treasure hunting in a sense. You just never know what you may luck up on, and in all of my thrifting adventures, I have found some gems. I get asked all of the time about which stores I like to frequent, and how do I know what to look for. Well, a while back, I offered up a few of my tips that I considered to be helpful to think about while thrifting. Since some time has passed, I would say that I have become even more of a seasoned thrifter and have even more tips to be considered to make the most out of your thrifting experience:
Go Often

I literally make it a point to at least swing past my favorite Goodwill EVERY Monday. Why Monday? Because after the weekend of donations, pretty much most of the items have been put on the floor.

See? Strategy!

Tuesday's even work as well. So try to pick a day as early as possible during the week to check out your local thrift store. Weekends are usually a no-go for me because that's when everybody goes and its hard to take your time and browse the aisles.

Walk the Aisles...More than Once!

Most of the time, I walk the home sections aisles multiple times. Why? Because its so many hidden items on the shelves in no particular order that walking through more than once, I have found items that I did not notice before. Also, people sometimes put stuff back you might luck up on something worth having.

Seek Potential

My thought is that when I go to a thrift store, I am not looking for a "new" item. I am more than likely looking for something that is in good condition and that has great potential. That's the thrill for me. I bet you approach your trip the same:) So don't be afraid to look at something, then look at it again, imagine ways you can repurpose, imagine the actual NEED for it in your life, check Pinterest for other makeovers of a similar item if you need ideas, and heck, throw it out to Social Media and try to get immediate input. This is important because if you pass up on the item to think about it overnight, there is a chance that it might be gone the next day:( so if you need to think through your purchase, think through it AT the store.

I loved this little blue storage unit. I am sure I could have found use for it, but it wasn't a need.

All of these items have potential and in the right situation, could be a beautiful asset to a home. With the proper makeover of course.

Mornings are the Best

One morning I was off work, and decided to do a Monday morning pop-in to Goodwill, as opposed to my usual evening stop. All I could say is WOW! There is so much stuff available if you can go around 9am. There were people waiting outside before 9am. I asked the associate that worked there and she said it was normal. There are people who go every morning and the variety seems to be triple. So if you are fortunate enough to be a home during the morning, then definitely pop in to your local thrift store and be one of the morning shoppers. You will definitely grab some items that would not normally be left over in the evening.

Need vs. Want- Watch What You Spend

Make sure that because its $.77 or $1.91, you aren't buying it just to buy it. Go with a game plan as to what you are looking for, but be open for something unique that may catch your eye. If you may not have something in mind specifically, at least know what area in your home that you are shopping for. This extra preparation makes your shopping experience a little more pleasant.

*** Extra Nugget
Don't forget to check out your stores on discount days. Most offer days where certain tag colors are 50% which can make a purchase you are considering even more appealing.

I hope that my tips were helpful. These are ways that I approach my thrifting trips every time, which lead me to some pretty good finds. I don't find something every time, but I still remain consistent because you just never know.

Do you have any tips to share? If so, leave them in the comments below!

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More Guest Room Updates

The guest room is just about finished and I am so excited with the way its turning out! On Instagram, I showed a snipped of my painted side table. I have been spending lots of evenings in here getting things done and just like any other room makeover, its so rewarding to see your vision come to light.  Here are a few more sneak peeks. I look forward to having the room done within the next week.

Here you get a peek at my headboard choice. I am in love with the headboard that I chose. Thank you all for your input. I purchased that lamp from the Goodwill for $4.94. It is in PERFECT condition and I am not really sure why someone got rid of it.

I added scrap fabric to these frames to display on the wall. 

 I had this "Relax" sign lying around and almost donated it to Goodwill, as the color no longer fit my style. Well, after some gold spray paint, it became a nice addition to the room.
My sister painted this painting and it was featured in the Macy's New York store a few years ago during Black History Month. I love it and had to add it. You may remember seeing other work from her featured on my IG.

This little table was purchased from Goodwill last year. The green paint is perfect!

So sorry about the graininess of the photos. I lost my camera memory card so I am currently using my I-phone to snap as I go along to capture sneak peeks. Don't worry, the room reveal will be captured with my digital camera.

So what are you guys working on?

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