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Quick and Easy DIY Bench Makeover

Thank you so much on your feedback of my living room reveal. I am so proud of this room and glad that you all like it just as much!

In the dining room you may have noticed the small white bench that is just off to the side to allow for additional seating if needed. I mentioned that it was a curb find and needed a little makeover.

Well, I wanted to show you what this looked like prior to its little makeover.

Yuck is right! Don't think I am crazy. I just love finding pieces that I can incorporate into my home, that with a little work, have life left in them.  I knew that this bench would need alot of cleaning, and Lysol!

With gloves, I removed the top of the bench from the bottom part just by unscrewing the screws underneath the seat.

I then wiped off the bottom part, and removed the fabric from the pad. I sprayed the pad down with disinfectant, then recovered it with some leftover gray linen fabric. I then folded the fabric pieces in the bottom and secured it to the pad with my hot glue gun. I painted the based using a sponge paint roller brush and let it dry 48 hours before moving it to a new home.

Voila, cute additional seating that can be moved wherever it may be needed throughout the house. Plus I can change the fabric whenever I choose. 

I tried to iron the fabric, but not until I had attached it, so the wrinkles didn't really go away. Oh well:) Nothing that as cute pillow can't hide!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time.


  1. Good eye! I wouldn't have guessed there were even the same piece.

  2. Nice makeover. I love seeing roadside find receive new life.

  3. Looks great lady! I'm the same, I look finding pieces I can incorporate into my home.. for the low! lol

  4. Hi, just found your post and now it will be a daily read, I'm thrifing and up-cycling gal self. Your ideas are so down to earth and practical
    I just wanted to offer up a suggestion, when recovering fabrics from old chairs or benches as you did here, the batting used inside quilts works very well and is rather inexpensive at wally world or any fabric store. May give a little peace of mind as far as sanitation.


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