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Paint Dilemma Solved

Hey good people! I hope that everyone is off to a fantastic year so far! Mine is going well,  I have gotten a couple great opportunities that I cannot wait to share with you over the next few months (eek)!!   Besides the good, of course the bad had to show its ugly face, through the breakdown of my water I am working with my home warranty and hope to have hot water very very soon, so we shall see.

Anywho, I finally selected a color that I love in my living room. If you read this post, then you may remember that I am starting my living room makeover this year and I am suuuper excited. However, I was having a hard time narrowing down a paint color, but I knew for sure that I was looking for the perfect green, blue, gray color. Wouldn't you be happy to know that I found it and love it! I went with Benjamin Moore Seahaze, color matched to Behr paint in eggshell. Capturing the true color of paint on camera was very hard for me, so here ya go. You can also see a sneak peek of one of my latest projects off to the right in the second picture;)

The wall head on shows the wall color before.

I am very happy with how the color turned out and I look forward to continuing to improve this room. It's a blank space, so the planning has been fun.

Until next time!


  1. I really like the paint color you chose, it really livens up the room. I've always admired rooms with archways, too so I can't wait to see what you're planning to do next... :)

  2. Love it! And I love the little sneak of your project! I am going to do something similar in our dining room, so I am dying to see how you did it!

  3. I love that shade of gray! It lightens the room up a ton and it looks fabulous with your dark floors!

  4. Judging by the looks of things this room is going to be fantastic.. Great floor selection. I look forward to seeing the finished look

  5. The color looks fantastic, great choice!!

  6. I love the color, Erin! Doesn't it feel good to cross another project off your list? The last picture looking out into your hallway looks so good. Such a pretty view.


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