November 2014 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Paint Dilemma

Recently, I have been daydreaming of a finished living room. While I know that completing this room is several months away, I like to plan and watch the room transform little by little. To start, setting the tone with paint always gives me the boost that I need to get the begin any project.

The main parts (entryway, kitchen, family room, main hallways upstairs and downstairs) are Castle Path by Behr.

                        My dining room is Fashion Gray by Behr.

dining room

 For my living room, I have decided that I wanted a little color. I still wanted it to be neutral, just more depth so I am set on finding the perfect green-gray color.  This is one of the first rooms you see when you come into my home and it faces the same direction as my dining room. They are across from each other, yet separated by the stairs, and entry hallway. I plan to do a home tour video soon so that you get a good idea of the flow. It gets good sunlight during the day, so I think a nice color would be perfect.

Here are the colors that I am considering:

Benjamin Moore Tranquility


 I love how Kate over at Centsational Girl uses this color. She tweaked hers a bit adding two additional drops of blue. I am wondering if it may be too blue for me? Hmmm.  It still has a good amount of greeny gray to it though. I don't know. I am look for a true green-gray, nothing aqua or blue. But never the less, it is still a pretty color!

                                                                  Jade Frost by Glidden


both images via
Another gorgeous color. Again, it looks different in both of these images. *sigh* The swatch appears to be  green gray, as well as the top image, but in a second one, it appears too blue. I understand that its all in the lighting.

Benjamin Moore Vapor Trail

This color may the the closest to what I am looking for.  In all of its images, it seemed to remained pretty consistent. If this is its truest form, then this is EXACTLY what I am looking for!

I love the way the color looks in both images. 

I think that I will head by my local Home Depot and snag a few samples. 

Do you any of you have these colors in your home? If so, please weigh in. Also, if you have any other color suggestions, let me know. I need help!

Until next time!

Happenings, Planned Projects..... and Me? A Host for Thanksgiving?

Happy Thursday! It seems like the days are flying by and before I look up, it will be 2015 and I will have a one year old. My goodness.  I am trying to be much better about my time management skills, but if you follow me on Instagram, then you know who gets most of it, lol. This little time thief, who also makes a great Home Depot shopping companion might I add:)

So, when something has to give in order to maintain my sanity, my blog is usually the first thing to suffer:( But I love interacting and sharing with you guys so much, I can never stay away for too long. Plus, Instagram is the next best thing.

On Monday, I just got back from one of my best bud's wedding in Jamaica.

Not only did I have the extreme pleasure of serving as one of her bridesmaids, but I was also the makeup artist for the entire party, which totaled nine, including the bride.

 Here is the bride in all her loveliness!

Me and the bride.
*Excuse all of the camera phone shots*

I don't showcase my makeup skills much on the blog, but I plan to in the future.I have been doing it "on the side" for about fours now. My passion for this is similar to the whole DIY/Decor love for a good before and after pretty much sums it all up!

Lets see, what else? Oh! My mom (who lives in Chicago) told me that  several of my family members would be coming to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I also have some cousins who live in Atlanta as well, so after discussing logistics, we determined that my house would be the best place to host. Whaaaaat?! I'm not ready to host anything! there are several things that I need to do, but I guess it puts the fire under my butt to get it done because I have been chilling these last couple of months. Of course I will document all of this sprucing up madness along the way.

I also got some great news of something cool that will be happening around our home in December so you must stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, I have made a list of some things that I need to get done prior to Thanksgiving, and other bigger things to do prior to the fun thing that will be happening in the Marshall household in December. I am excited about both. Let's just say that the list involves some wiring, painting, nailing, and drilling:)

I will be back very soon to get your opinion on paint colors, as operation living room makeover will commence soon!

Until next time.