October 2014 | Live Pretty on a Penny

The Big Brown Beast

I feel bad a times for referring to my sofa as such, but sometimes it just really annoys me. Yes, it is a true statement that I purchased this sofa with my own money...but I was young and dumb. Sheesh, it was almost 3 years ago for goodness sake:) Now I am loving lighter sofas, which I feel don't anchor the room down as much. Whenever I hint toward a even looking at a new sofa, my husband politely replies "heck no," not really heck, but you get it. So while I may be stuck living as a beauty with this beast, I am will make the best of it by finding ways to brighten it up. Here are some inspirational photos.

Five Ways to Decorate with a Brown Sofa Crisp white ceilings and trim also keep the space light and brigh
 Q: I own a dark brown sofa. How can I keep the piece from dominating the look of the room? A: I love brown sofas. You can put any color of pillow on it. Keep the walls lighter, anchor the space with a light-color textural rug, and limit other dark browns to an accent chair or a picture frame. Bring in midtones such as hot pink, red, and teal.

This clever use of art and accessories is a low-cost and fun way to brighten a forgotten corner and dark sofa. I'm especially loving it because I already own a pair of these exact lamps, and a sofa that's pretty similar to this one!
Yellow Bliss Road: Industrial Blend Living Room Makeover Reveal..FINALLY!

So yeah...these pictures are inspiring me to learn how to live with and be thankful for the sofa that I have. I also see hope:) I plan to add more white pillows and lighter brighter throws to liven up my sofa up even more. Come to think about it, white doesn't do to well around my house, so I may have to rethink that.
Anywho, until next time.