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DIY Painted Pillow Covers

I had recently been looking for a way to update my family room, without breaking the bank. Since I had limited funds to work with, I decided that I could provide a quick update for fall by changing out my pillows that live on my couch. The only problem is that a nice, down-filled pillow cost way more than I wanted to spend, even at discount retailers. I then decided that I would make my own, but I just never thought about how. After being approached by the generous folks over at ScotchBlue TM about trying out their new ScotchBlue TM Painter's Tape Multi-Surface with Advanced Edge- Lock TM Paint Line Protector, a light bulb went off in my head and I decided that I would just paint some covers to achieve a simple striped look. I love how stripes are so crisp and timeless!

Since Ikea is literally five minutes from my job, I swung by there after work to grab two of there inexpensive 20x20 white Gurli pillow covers and Fjadrar pillow inserts. Each cover was $3.99 and each insert was $5.99. Not bad considering one down pillow could cost $29.99 or more. I then purchased gold fabric paint from Hobby Lobby for $2.00 after I used the 40% off coupon. To apply the fabric paint I used a disposable plate and good quality paint brush.

I started this project by ironing the pillows covers after taking them out the pack. They were pretty wrinkled!

I then eyeballed the placement of my stripes and placed the ScotchBlue TM Painter's Tape Multi-Surface with Advanced Edge- Lock TM Paint Line Protector accordingly.

As you can see, my placement was not perfect, however I pressed the tape down to ensure that it was secure to the fabric. What makes this tape so special is its ability to deliver sharp lines, without any bleed through. That is important when working on a project, such as this one, where proficiency is key!

After applying the tape and ensuring it was secure, I just lightly stroked in the areas that were not taped off.

After painting all of the stripes, I removed the tape, as I feel it is better to remove the tape prior to the paint drying to ensure a crisper line. Once the tape was removed, I allowed the fabric paint to dry for another four hours, then turned the pillow cover inside out, and ironed it again. 

Here is what I was left with. Beautiful, modern, crisp stripes and a nice addition to my existing floral pillows.

This entire project from start to finish, not including dry time, takes less than an hour. Such a small investment of time, for a pretty impact.

I hope to soon get around to doing  full reveal of my family. I just have a few more touches to add.

I received the ScotchBlue TM Painter's Tape Multi-Surface with Advanced Edge- Lock TM Paint Line Protector to use and review based on any project of my choice. All opinions are my own.

While we are on the subject of pillows, the winner of the Burlap Pillow Cover from SassafrasHome is Darnetha with ChippaSunshine. Congrats Darnetha, and you should receive an email from me soon!

Until next time!


  1. Love them. I told my daughter about them. Will have to pick her up a couple of the covers.

  2. Your pillow turned out fabulous and the gold adds just the right touch of glam. I also love that you don't need to have sewing skills to do this project... :)

  3. The pillows turned out so good and shimmery!

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