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Attending the Haven Conference and Refocus

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the Haven Conference, which took place right here in Atlanta. Those of you that are unaware of what the Haven Conference is, it is a a conference designed specifically for home decor and DIY bloggers. The conference sessions focused on DIY instruction, ways to grow your blog, with a mix of social media.

This was my second year attending Haven, and I must say, my focus was completely different. First of all, there were serveral bloggers that I knew were attending that I absolutely love. These women always inspire me over the web daily, but meeting them in person blew my mind. They were so sweet, down to earth, and humble. Being at a conference with 200 plus DIY bloggers can be overwhelming, but these ladies made navigating it all much easier.

Left to right (top): Katrina (Chic Little House), Brandi (Don't Disturb this Groove), Me, 
Darnetha (ChippaSunshine)
Left to right (bottom): Carmeon (Nubinteriors), Dayka (Dayka Robinson Designs)

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One of the other highlights of the conference was visiting with awesome vendors and the after parties. I got a bag full of goodies, which I really should have taken a photo of, know how that goes:) I also was lucky enough to have this little guy as a dance partner all night.

Plus I purchased some fabulous pieces from Lakeitha with Wrist Soiree to rock during the sessions. I received compliments all day while rocking my jewelry. If you are not familiar with Lakeitha, you must check out her site and snatch up some pieces of your own!

Lastly, one of the main things that I wanted to focus on this year at Haven was to look for ideas that could help me to grow, be more consistent,  and improve my blog content. That is where all of you all, my reader peeps come in. Besides DIY home projects, what else would you like to see? I think my hardest part is trying to develop content that would keep your interest, outside of the DIY stuff. That would of course still be the bulk, but sometimes I want to reach out to you all in different ways. Leave me a comment below with any ideas that you may have:) 

I also realized that I am overdue for some rebranding, so hopefully that will happen soon!

Thanks for sticking with me so far and to all of  my new blog friends, I look forward to having you all around as I continue to grow!

Until next time.


  1. Loved following along on IG. So sorry to have missed meeting up with all these lovely ladies!! And, that sweet little one of yours. Precious!!

  2. Wow! How cool is that to attend a conference such as the one you attended. I would love to go to something like that one day. Thanks for introducing some other great bloggers as well. As for ways you can improve, I honestly can't suggest anything because I just found you. lol But I can totally understand the need/desire to want to step up your game. Can't wait to see whatever you come up with. :-)

  3. Hey, I actually recognize some of the people at the table with you. I wish I had known about that conference. It would have been a blast meeting some of my blogger friends face to face. I guess there's always next year... :)


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