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Spring Refresh: Fixing a Slope

When we purchased our home almost three years ago, I knew that we wanted to fix the slope that was present on the right side of the yard. It's an area where the water runs off, so we knew we needed something built that would retain the slope and not slide at the first side of rain.

Luckily, we have a very sweet gentlemen who does work around the house for us from time to time  that we can't handle. Instead of having to buy any rocks, he gathered up all of the rocks from around my trees and those that I had thrown in the garage to throw away because they were so old and filthy. He instead used them to build us a small retaining wall. Then he filled it with dirt and laid mulch on top. It looks sooo much better!

As you can see, my grass is still a little dormant, but it's greening slowly. Now that we have our retaining wall, the front seems a little more balanced. We could not get the wall built any higher because of the height of the pre-existing bushes.

So once again, here is the front before (a couple Springs ago).... before my knockout roses were planted.

 Spring 2012

Spring 2014

Disclaimer- my steps and walkway aren't really that dirty. After watering my flowers, they were still wet, so try not to let that distract you:) 

I am still working on my outdoor projects and if you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my sneak peeks, so stay tuned! For the post about my flowers, click here.

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  1. That does look good. House is awesome!

  2. That does look good. House is awesome!

  3. It looks so good, Erin. It really makes the front of your house look more balanced. That's awesome that you guys had the bricks saved.

  4. What a difference. You really have an eye for creating great curb appeal.


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