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Spring Refresh: Painted Plastic Flower Pots

Each year, I plant Boston Ferns in the plastic flower pots on my "porch,"  and each year I have been fine with the look that they have given. For some reason, this year, the plastic flower pots just seemed....well...blah. This year I wanted more color!

Enter gold spray paint. I knew that I wanted something chic, yet colorful and fun.

First, I wiped the pots down, then sprayed them Rust-oleum Universal All Surface Gold Metallic Spray Paint & Primer in one. I used this spray paint because I needed something that would adhere to plastic. Most spray paints don't. I mostly covered them, however I knew that the bottom would be painted, so I didn't make it perfect.

After the pots dried, I taped off a little above half with Frog Tape. Then I painted the bottom using the same paint that was used on the baby's dresser in his nursery- Behr Dark Cobalt Blue.

After the pots were painted with a couple coats of paint, my pots looked like this...

Here are the pots with Ferns that I purchased from The Home Depot for $10 each. I purchased Ferns last year and they did really well. They are very low maintenance and lasted until our first big frost.

So happy with the cheerful pop of color that these pots bring!

To compare again, lets take a look at the good old before and after one last time...

Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen a sneak peek of the wreath that is on the door. That was a DIY project and it will be on the blog later this week. 

So what do you think? Have you ever painted any flower pots? Overall, it was a pretty easy project and I am love with the impact that it makes on the porch! This makeover led me to purchase a new welcome mat from Target as well. Couldn't keep that same old dusty one. Boo!

Until next time. Thanks for stopping by!

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Spring Refresh: Fixing a Slope

When we purchased our home almost three years ago, I knew that we wanted to fix the slope that was present on the right side of the yard. It's an area where the water runs off, so we knew we needed something built that would retain the slope and not slide at the first side of rain.

Luckily, we have a very sweet gentlemen who does work around the house for us from time to time  that we can't handle. Instead of having to buy any rocks, he gathered up all of the rocks from around my trees and those that I had thrown in the garage to throw away because they were so old and filthy. He instead used them to build us a small retaining wall. Then he filled it with dirt and laid mulch on top. It looks sooo much better!

As you can see, my grass is still a little dormant, but it's greening slowly. Now that we have our retaining wall, the front seems a little more balanced. We could not get the wall built any higher because of the height of the pre-existing bushes.

So once again, here is the front before (a couple Springs ago).... before my knockout roses were planted.

 Spring 2012

Spring 2014

Disclaimer- my steps and walkway aren't really that dirty. After watering my flowers, they were still wet, so try not to let that distract you:) 

I am still working on my outdoor projects and if you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my sneak peeks, so stay tuned! For the post about my flowers, click here.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

Spring Refresh: Planting for Curb Appeal

Each year, I look forward to planting flowers and sprucing up my front yard. I normally don't plant this early, but I am glad I did. Mainly for the milder temperatures, but also because I scored some great deals at The Home Depot Spring Black Friday sale.

Here is what my flower garden (or lack there of) looked like before planting:

This pic was snapped on my i-Phone but you get the point. The soil was waiting to be tilled and prepped for flowers, after being dormant all winter. The process of tilling involves loosening up the soil in preparation of planting. Since I didn't snap any photos of me tilling, check out this youtube video.  This video demonstrates with tilling with a shovel, but I actually used a small tiller which I found to be easier than a shovel. You just take the tiller, stick it in the soil and twist. But the process is pretty much the same.

In the past, I always have a problem with weeds appearing in my garden a little while after planting. So, after tilling, I laid out Easy Gardener Weed Cloth. This is supposed to help suppress the weeds, while allowing nutrients and water to reach the soil to promote growth. The application process was easy, you just lay the cloth out and stick darts into the ground to hold it in place. The darts are sold separately and come in a pack of 6 or 10. They are sold in the the same section as the cloth.  This was my first time using something like this, so I will keep you all updated as to rather it works or not:/

Once the cloth was laid, I cut holes into the fabric where I would be planting my flowers. After planting I laid out approximately 6-8 bags of Earthgrow mulch over the cloth and around the flowers. Then I did a good watering.

After several hours of work, I was finished and very happy with outcome.

It's amazing what flowers and a few hours can do to achieve instant curb appeal. I love the results and am so ready for the warmer weather. 

Also, as a reminder, here is the before picture of my home right after we moved in taken from my home tour page. I almost forgot what it looked like!

And again, just for fun...

Sheesh, thank goodness for a little elbow grease. I like to take a look back to see where I started because even when I feel like I'm not doing enough, a good "before" pic always reminds me that I have still come a long way!

There are a few other projects that I will be doing out front and of course I will keep you all updated as I go.

Until next time!

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Baby J's Nursery Source List

Happy Tuesday folks! last week I shared the photo's from Baby J's nursery. Thanks to all of you who checked out the nursery and for all of your kind comments. It really been one of my most fun and proud projects to date, next to my stained oak table.

Today I am sharing the source of all of my nursery findings. Overall, I was able to complete this nursery for around $500, not including my crib. It was a gift from my sister.

Wall Color
Mindful Gray color matched to Behr Paints

Old DIY Makeover from Guest Room. Stripped and Painted Dark Cobalt Blue by Behr Paints. You can read more about the entire project here

White Frames

Large Red "J"

Stuffed Moosehead

Babyletto Madison 3-in-1crib purchased from Target.com but no longer available. I found this link that offers the same thing.

Birch Wall Decal

Swivel Glider Chair
Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider purchased from local Georgia furniture store

White Pillow on Glider

Red & White Foot Bean Bag

Picture Ledges(used for books)

Various Thrift Stores

African-American Child Art

Small Stuffed Animals

Baby Things Basket


Large Stuffed Giraffe

White Sheer Curtains

Bamboo Roman Shade
The Home Depot

Giraffe Wooden Stool

Numbered Hook

Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the items listed. Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!

Baby J's Nursery Reveal

Hello good people!! I hope you all are having some of this fantastic weather that has passed through Atlanta over the last few days. It has been hard for me to sit in the house and take some time to blog, but here I am.

 I know that I never spoke much about Baby J's nursery plan, so to fill you all in, I knew that I wanted something that could carry him past the baby years, but nothing too mature. For some reason Giraffe's really stuck with me so I decided on a subdued safari "theme," even though I am not into "themes" much. I wanted it to be functional and stylish, boyish and playful, timeless, and overall adorable.

I was very happy with how everything turned out. This post will be mainly pictures, and I hope to do a video tour soon, with a more in depth overview. I will also do a follow-up source list. So without further ado, here are the pics! You are warned, this will be picture overload:)

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into his nursery! It was so fun to decorate and I am very happy with how it turned out. I hope to be able to post the source list for everything next week~

Until next time!!!

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