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The Gray Blues...

For my nursery, I wanted the perfect (in my eyes at least) shade of gray. As many of you may know, gray can be a tricky color. For example, in looking around Home Depot, I found that several grays either picked up too much blue, too much purple, or looked too taupy. I wanted something that we super clean.

In doing research (Pinterest), I somehow came across what I felt to be perfect! It's called Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Grey and purple master bedroom. Paint: Sherwin Williams - Mindful Gray #home #decor

paint Mindful Gray- sherwin williams

Sherwin williams mindful gray on the walls baby-nursery-ideas

 Its one of those colors that to me creates a nice clean canvas to decorate around, which is what I really wanted.

I am very happy with the decision. We painted last Sunday and the color dried to be exactly what I thought. We purchased the paint from Home Depot, and had it color-matched to Behr Paint & Primer. What I like about the Behr Paint & Primer in one is the fact that it is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). You can read more about what that means to you and your body here, especially if you are expecting. I'm no doctor of course, but I still want to expose myself and my baby to as few chemicals as possible:)

Right now I am working on making over the dresser for the room. Once that is in place, I will be sure to share it, along with the wall paint, thus far.

Can't wait!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Erin. I'm glad that I found your blog. I have been loving the color grey on walls for a couple of years now. The only reason I haven't painted, is because I live in an apartment and I don't want to have to paint the walls white again when we decide to move. I'll be sure to visit again because I can't wait to see the finished results.

  2. Absolutely love these photos, what a superb idea. Gorgeous range of colours & beautiful styling. I like your flower. Decorat with flower

  3. Girl im telling you grays are super super tricky!! BUT this looks like a good one. I may have to try it.....


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