November 2013 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Crib Searchin'

Preparing for my journey into motherhood for the first time has taught me alot about myself. It has mainly taught me that I am actually much more of a minimilist than I imagined. Take my expercience with selecting a crib for example. Deciding on the style of crib had to be one of the hardest decisions in my life. Mainly because I felt that alot of cribs tended to be just a little bit more traditional than the look that I was going for. So everytime I went into either Target or Babies R Us to look, I would shut down and vow to start again another day.

Then my sister called me. She asked me had I made a crib selection as of yet because she wanted to purchase me one as a gift. Well....that put my butt into action. A few days later I received this email from Target...

Buy a crib and get a free mattress? I love a good deal! So after checking out Target's catalog of cribs, I came across the Babyletto line. What I like most about their line of cribs is that they are just modern enough, but not so contemporary that they look overly sterile. 

I ended up going with the Babyletto Madison 3-in-1 in espresso and white. 

Along with the purchase of this crib, I scored a mattress. I can't remember the name of the top of my head, but it got really good reviews.

So there you have it, killing two birds with one stone. Many thanks to my sis for lighting that fire which led me to this beauty.

Oh, and for fun, here is a picture of crib placed in a room that I found on Pinterest via Babyletto.

Cute right?

So I am excited to begin putting my room together:) I will be sharing the progress as it moves along. 11 more weeks until my little boy makes his appearance.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!


Baby Bump News

Hello all, and happy Thursday! I hope that everyone has been enjoying the crisp Fall weather. I am just happy that its not hot anymore while I am going through my pregnancy. Speaking of my pregnancy, I am now 27. 4 weeks along. I can't believe it. Seems like time is flying straight pass me. Many people have been asking me to share some baby bump photos. I am more active on instragram, but for those who may not have seen, here are some pics from this past weekend at the Khufu Joint Ball in New Jersey.


 I have gained about 14 pounds so far and according to, my baby is the size of a Rutabega and almost 2 lbs. That cracks me up, but yeah.

Oh yeah, we are having a BOY! I'm so excited to meet my little man. Being the mommy of a boy should be interesting and I can't wait.

Let's see...what else...

No weird cravings... actually I can tell you that the thought of salmon turns my stomach and I love icees.

Hmmm, lets see...oh.. my doctor has prescribed me iron pills as of this week because my iron is low...but I did pass my gestational diabeties test! Woo hoo!

I have also purchased my crib. Pics to be shared later.

That's about it. What's going on in your world?