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I'm Baaaaack! What's Been Going On?

 I have been struggling for a few days on how to begin this post, what to name it, what to talk about, etc, etc. Then I realized that I will just begin with honesty. After all, that's what I am supposed to do anyway.

Let me start by saying that I have truly missed blogging. I just felt that I had nothing valid to talk about and nothing really going on. Then time just passed, then I became lazy... so I am sorry. I don't want to be one of those bloggers that say "hey yall, I'm back!" Then to never post again. That's not me. I have some pretty interesting things going on as of now, so where should I begin...

First let's see...I did not get into the grad school of my choice, which was sort of a bummer:( I was told that my test scores were too low to be considered competitive with other applicants. Boo...but whatever. I guess it just wasn't my time to enroll.

Oh yeah, then a week after I was denied grad school entry, I found out that I was pregnant! Say whaaaat? Yep! So I guess there is a plan in everything! I am now 14 weeks pregnant, super excited and thankful! Still getting used to everything going on with my body. By nature, I am pretty small, so I am not really showing a major bump, just a little pooch. I also haven't started taking the weekly belly shots, but I plan to really soon. I am feeling okay majority over the time as of now. The beginning was a little rough.

Here are the details according to the bump.com. I am a sucker for these websites and apps:)

I am also beginning to think about nursery designs and also figured that I want to get my bedroom together. It's just a big, boring, unorganized mess. So I plan to tackle that in the upcoming months. 

If you follow me on Instagram where I am normally pretty active, Over a month ago, I was working on my dining room and making over some chairs. Well those are on hold as well. I just don't know if I feel like putting in all the work that goes into making over some chairs. So I may just buy some. We will see. 

Oh, and lastly, I went attended the Haven Conference last weekend. I had an amazing time. I got to hang out with the two lovely ladies; Brandi over at Don't Disturb this Groove in the middle and Lisa over at Celebrate Creativity to the right. When you get a chance, check out their blogs. Their projects and photos are amazing!

I am glad that we got to experience it together, as we bonded over the various sessions. I already knew Brandi, so it was great to get to know Lisa.

Let's see, what else...oh yeah, right now we are dealing with a leaking a/c unit fun. Not sure what possesed the builder to place a unit in the attic as opposed to the basement, but we are getting chips in our ceiling drywall from this issue.  More on that later. 

Well. that's it for now. I am so inspired just by writing this post and I look forward to continuing to connect with you guys in the future.

What have you all been up to?


  1. Congrats again on your baby news, Erin. Lots to get ready for now (and lots of new content for blog posts too-lol)

    Really great hanging out with you and Brandy too.

  2. Hey friend! I didn't realize you posted. Glad to see you back at it. Congratulations again to you and hubby on your baby news. So excited for you guys.

  3. Yaaayyyyy!!!! Babies!!! Congrats doll! Can't wait to see nursery plans


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