April 2013 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Where am I Now? The {30 by 30} Results Are In!

Well, a big hello there my good folks! I'm feeling really good, as I just celebrated the big 3-0! I am so thankful to have been surrounded by family and friends, and for all of the wonderful lessons that I have learned over these past 30 years. I just can't believe that time flew by like that. Sheesh! I definitely look forward to the next 30:)

In good ole' before and after fashion, you may remember back in November when I posted about 30 things that I would like to complete by my 30th bday. No? Lucky for you I am a good note taker so here ya go...

1)      Makeover at least one guest room
2)      Clear and Organize 4th bedroom aka dogs room (ummm, yeah...)
3)      Get Home Gutters Cleaned
4)      Kitchen Backsplash
5)      Paint Living Room (ummm, about that...)
7)      Crown Molding for family room and kitchen, at least (does thinking about it count?)
8)      Under cabinet lighting for kitchen (yeah...nope)
9)      Organize hall closet
10)   Purchase and lay new flooring for main floor (post coming soon)
11)   Re-Organize and push makeup business (organizing beauty space at home & site) (mostly done..but not there)
12)   Learn one new recipe per month (4 of 6 completed)
13)   Address lighting in Kitchen and Family room (nope)
14)   Renew Passport (naw)
15)   Exercise at least 3 days a week for one month straight (hehe!)
16)   Renew Mac Pro Membership
17)   Get a massage
18)   Get three Winter Pedicures (Never even had one during the winter) 2/3 completed
19)   Apply for Grad School (app due in a few weeks so working on it)
20)   Get a facial (does doing one at home count?)
21)   Get cavities filled and bonding on teeth (nope)
22)   Professional Headshot (yikes, I hate taking pics) (nope)
23)   Pay off 2 household debts (can be mine or Jules) we actually have done 4!
24)   Save $1000  saved over this amount
Social/Relationship Building
25)   Make my blog dashboard more user friendly for me
26)   Increase blog subscribers by at least 50% (target 40 subbies) almost there!
27)   Update my blog 2-3 times per week (with substantial info of course) by pre-planning posts for one month straight- (yeah, I got nothing...)
28)   Find a church home (*crickets*)
29)   Update and rebrand social media outlets (again...*crickets*)
30)   Have date night once a week with husband (big or small) this has been consistent and great!
31)   BONUS: Offer my services to a non-profit organization that helps women (hopefully soon!)

Started November 8, 2012- To be completed by April 8, 2012

I completed about 45% of my list. Yeah, I know thats technically failing when you think about it from a 100% perspective, but at least I accomplished some things, right? I am just happy that I didn't have to report back with nothing. That would have sucked. I will continue to strive to complete my list. Maybe I will check back in with my 30 by 30 1/2 list ;)

Anywho, for those of you who participated, how you doin? (in my Wendy Williams voice)

Let There Be Foyer Light!

When we moved into our home, we noticed that the lights were the traditional, builder grade, cheap-o lights. Though they were not on my immediate to-do list to change out, I always kept my eye out for anything interesting enough to catch my eye. I was fine up until a few weeks ago, when this little beauty caught my eye. It came from the garden section at Marshall's:

Upon seeing it, I immediately thought "ooooh! a foyer light!" yep, just like that. And for only $12.99, I couldn't resist at least trying. So I purchased it, headed to Lowe's for a pendant lighting kit which cost me $19.99, headed home, watched my husband smack his lips just as a "hater" does, and got to work. I placed the lighting kit top in between the smallest hole, screwed it tightly and made sure it was secure. I was left with this:

This is where my husband came in:) I wanted to fixture as flush to the ceiling as possible, so I needed the wire to be cut shorter.

Using some type of electrical wire cutter he was able to cut the cord in half.

He then slightly split the cord to expose the wires to connect in the ceiling. 

* Please note that we disconnected the power to that circuit PRIOR to fiddling around and connecting the new fixture. If we had kept it on, I am pretty sure my husband would have gotten a good shock.

Here is how my foyer looked before the fixture was installed:

Here it is now:

Not too bad for $32 for the garden object and the pendent lighting kit. I am now very happy with my foyer. Even though its not anything grand, its shaping up into something that I adore. Oh, and I have to show you this fixture I came across on line from Shades of Light.


How much you ask? Try $199.99! Ha! So similar and I am very happy with my budget friendly option,.

Do you like my new fixture as much as I do? Have you taken something used for one thing and used it for something totally different? Well, share it in the comments below!

Until next time...