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The Backsplash Update...Or Lack Thereof

Hello all! I wish that I was here to tell you that I have finished the backsplash, that it looks great, and that we are marveling in its beauty. Well, I am not... we are not done, and my kitchen has been looking like THIS for the past week!

Why, you ask? Good question. Well...removing the tile was a small challenge, and once we were in it, realized that we would pretty much have to replace the entire drywall where the tile once was. So after removing all of the tile, we were pretty much left with major chunks of drywall missing and the wall was open to the insulation. FUN! So we went around the wall and cut out all of the old drywall to prepare for the new.

So that's it. Nothing spectacular, just an update. Now my husband is sick with a tummy virus, so this project is on hold for a few days.  Not that its bothering me too much since I haven't even selected which backsplash I want.

We have started adding drywall, so I will be back with another update once that part is done.

Until then, just marvel in the beauty above:)

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