January 2013 | Live Pretty on a Penny

Something to Share- My Bridal Photoshoot!!!!

Hello there good folks! Remember a few months ago when I mentioned to you all that I wanted to make time to develop my makeup business a bit more? Well, I have been doing just that, and I wanted to share:) My philosophy is that doing makeup is almost like DIY/Home Projects...the before and after always amaze me. Not that the before is so bad, but the after is just that much better. Does that make sense? Don't think I'm crazy or scatter-brained, but I just like to tap into my creative side.

With that being said, If you follow me on Instagram, you can see that I have been  pretty busy over these past couple weekends partnering with a CTO Bridal a local bridal boutique; hairstylist Re'Con Nicole & Co.; Forevery Life Photography on one shoot, and Charles Forde Photography on another to create marketing images for my our business. It was truely a team effort and alot of fun! What do you think?

These are just a few of the images. I am waiting to obtain more from the photographer. In good ole' before and after fashion, check out some quickies that I snapped with my camera phone.

Behind the Scenes:

So that's about it. If you have any questions on what I used, feel free to shoot me an email, or leave in comments below.

Until next time!

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Kitchen {Backsplash} Ideas

 Now that we are FINALLY making some substantial progress toward creating a clean canvas to lay our new backsplash, I thought that it might make sense to actually pick out what it is that I want! So I have been scourring both Google images and Pinterest, in hopes of seeing something that sticks out to me.

I am looking at a couple of simple options that seem to suit my fancy...

                            Contemporary Kitchen design by Dc Metro General Contractor NVS Remodeling & Design
As you can tell, I am leaning more toward the diamond pattern, with or without the decorative additions. Not sure yet though. I just know that it has to be neutral, but dark enough to provide a good contrast with the greige wall color that we have, compliment the pebble copper countertops that I hate am not that fond of, and not compete with the catalina canyon tile on the floor.


          {floor tile}                                           {countertop}                               {wall color}

  What I love about the neutral diamond pattern is that it is very classic, yet clean and modern. Being that I am not in love with our current countertop, I wanted to keep the backsplash simple, and not have it compete with whats already in the kitchen, but more so have it create a more finished look than what was there. This is my kitchen in its current state.    

After we complete the backsplash, I am looking forward to adding some under cabinet lighting:) I can't wait until its done.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the diamond look as much as I do?

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The Backsplash Update...Or Lack Thereof

Hello all! I wish that I was here to tell you that I have finished the backsplash, that it looks great, and that we are marveling in its beauty. Well, I am not... we are not done, and my kitchen has been looking like THIS for the past week!

Why, you ask? Good question. Well...removing the tile was a small challenge, and once we were in it, realized that we would pretty much have to replace the entire drywall where the tile once was. So after removing all of the tile, we were pretty much left with major chunks of drywall missing and the wall was open to the insulation. FUN! So we went around the wall and cut out all of the old drywall to prepare for the new.

So that's it. Nothing spectacular, just an update. Now my husband is sick with a tummy virus, so this project is on hold for a few days.  Not that its bothering me too much since I haven't even selected which backsplash I want.

We have started adding drywall, so I will be back with another update once that part is done.

Until then, just marvel in the beauty above:)

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My {Own} Tile Demo...What am I Thinking?!

Welcome to 2013! I know..I'm a bit late...its been 2013 for a week now, buuut you get the point:) I hope that everyone is having a fabulous and highly productive New Year thus far. I am not good with making "resolutions" per se. I instead like to set my goals every six months. By setting my goals in small doses, I am more likely to accomplish them...most of the time...well some of the time. Life happens, but I make every attempt.

One of the mutual goals that both my husband and I have set for the house is to complete our kitchen makeover. You may remember from this post, where we completed the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation kit on our cabinets, but it pretty much stopped there. Since there are several other things that we would like to complete, we kicked off our 2013 project list tackling the kitchen backsplash. Man o man..what can I say about this GORGEOUS backsplash! *side eye*

I really hate this backsplash, and the fact that the previous owners left it unfinished at the bottom, still boggles me. But whatever, its coming down now.  

We have not finished removing the all of the tile, but I wanted to pop in and give you guys an update. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my sneak peek from the other day when we began the demo.  If you want to attempt this, here is what we used: lots of P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E, a mason chisel, protective goggles, a hammer, and a plastic drop cloth to protect the counters from falling tile debris.

Once we had everything set up,  I put my goggles on and we got to work. We started by placing the mason chisel behind the tile at the end of the wall, and began hitting the top of the chisel with the hammer. 

Like we figured, not only have we chipped away at the tile, but we removed chunks of drywall as well. 

We removed all of the socket covers to chip away at the tile around the outlets. We did this gently, as to not damage any wires or pull them out of the wall.

So this is currently where we stand. We have a little less than half of one wall completed. Still have a whole wall and a half to go. Would I demo tile again? No...it's not fun and it's very tedious. Oh yeah, and since we tore out some of the drywall, we are gonna have to go ahead and replace that too. Yippee!!! Ha, Yeah right. So it's definitely turning into a task, but whatever. When it's done, I look forward to admiring the backsplash-y goodness. I will be back soon with more updates!

Thanks for stopping by:)