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Holiday Glitz & Glam Part One: Champagne Dreams...Budget Decor Realities

I have to be honest with you guys...I am not doing much decorating this year for Christmas. I have just been too busy between work and personal life, that I can't find the time to completely"deck the halls."  Plus, my home is not where I want it just yet, so hopefully next year will bring more "cheer."

I have put up my tree, though. I wanted my tree to be pretty neutral and I found some serious bargains at my local thrift store and Dollar Tree. You would be surprised about all of the stuff people get rid of each year that is sold at Goodwill or any local thrift store. Decor that has never been used or barely used... but whatever...your gain and mine:)

Even better, I haven't spent any more that $1 on any of the gorgeous ornaments that drape my little 4ft pre-lit tree. Yes, the tree is 4ft. Why the 4ft tree tree? Well,  when we first moved into our house last year, the Christmas season approached really fast, and to be real, I just wasn't prepared.  I had no idea about the cost of faux trees, and the thought of purchasing a real tree mad me gag. No really, it did.  Very traumatizing ordeal from my childhood which made me loathe the smell of fresh pine needles. One day I will tell the story...not today...moving on...just marvel in it's cuteness;)

All of the silver balls that are on the tree were purchased as a variety pack of 12 from a local thrift store for $0.80.

The various sparkly ornaments were purchased from Dollar Tree. The angels are sold as a 5pk for $1.00, the star and the snowflake are sold individually for $1.00 each, the bows sold as a 5pk for $1.00,  and the Christmas tree ornaments are sold 5 for $1.00 as well. Oh yeah, and the star at the very top is also Dollar Tree and of course was $1.00. All in all, I spent about $6.00 plus tax on my tree decor. Not bad.

If after you read this post, you don't head to your local Dollar Tree or thrift store to check out some of the holiday offerings this season, then you are straight trippin'. If you don't have a Dollar Tree, then you're not trippin', but you may want to see what your local dollar stores have to offer. I'm just saying.

If you still have some decorating to do, then here is just a small sample of some additional items that were in the store. I didn't buy them, but you can't be the $1.00 price tag. They definitely have waaay more than just what I am showing:

All images courtesy of Dollar Tree Website

Check out  Dollar Tree site for additional seasonal options. 

Have you found a bargain way to decorate your home? What are some budget decor items that you are incorporating?

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I haven't received any compensation from Dollar Tree. These are all opinions of my own.


  1. You ROCKED this silver tree! I can't believe you got all those ornaments for such a great price. Time to hit the dollar tree!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  2. Oh I see your tree! It really is pretty, Erin.


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