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Simple Updates {Refresh Your Space}

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get very bored with some of the items that I have in my home, or even just how they are set up. Not that I don't appreciate them, or that I necessarily want to replace them, but I just get....well, bored. So to avoid hearing my husbands mouth about me wanting to spend money on "needless" things (to him), I sometimes just re-shift items that I already have, or purchase a few low cost items to refresh my space.

Take my family room for example. I love my couch, and it's super comfy, but it's also super brown. Nothing against the color brown, but this past weekend, I had become tired of looking at it being so big and brown. Sorry couch, you did was me... Anywho, enough was enough, and I wanted a change.

Ross to the rescue, I was able to purchase these four pillows for $10 each, instantly providing my sectional an update that I can live with. What I love about Ross is that they have a great home decor selection for very low prices. I purchased two houndstooth patterned ones, one in a gray-blue, and the other in a cocoa- brown color. The other two are the same colors, just a a diamond pattern.

Yep, that's it. Nothing major, just enough to get me through my boredom and "stupid big brown couch" phase. A big thanks to my friend Adriane for hipping me to these particular pillows in Ross.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend. Have you recently freshened up any spaces in your home?

P.S. Sorry for the fuzzy pics. I think something is wrong with my camera lense. Working to figure it out.

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  1. Love your new pillows. I haven't been to Ross in so long. I need to stop in there. Their merchandise is so affordable. Thanks for sharing your finds!


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