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Decorating and Making it Work...No Matter Where You Are!

Today I was inspired by one of my good friends, Jessica, who is living and working in Abu Dhabi. You may rememeber a post I did a couple months ago about her funky accessory line, Feathers, Leather, and Lace for my Creative Spotlight. She and her fiance, took it upon themselves to tackle four rooms in their new apartment in Abu Dhabi! I am so excited and proud about how it came out, that I wanted to share it with my readers! They have shown a true representation of Living Pretty on a Penny, by tackiling DIY projects throughout the entire process.  Take a looksie:)

Creation Station! Decorating and Making it Work!

Yay! So we are in our new apartment, and aside from us being so excited about living a life overseas, we were excited that we were able to do what we wanted when it came to decorating and jazzing up our new apartment. Since we are gonna be here for a while, we thought it made sense to make our apartment as homey as possible.
When our decorating mission first started we bumped heads so much that we didn’t even bring it up in normal conversation. It was crazy. This was a test in team work and learning when to bow out gracefully and we passed with flying colors! It wasn’t easy though. Imagine being pissed because you don’t get the curtain that you want… It was that serious. The results came out better than we expected and everything was pretty much fleshed out by the two of us, collectively. Who woulda thunk a guy would be so into interior design? I will even go ahead and say he may be better at it than me. I have visions but sometimes so much is in my mind that I lose control. Exhibit A: Our bedroom. When we started this plan, I knew that I wanted something bright, yet subtle, yet calm, yet full of energy. I thought “hmmmm, yellow!” Q wanted the room to be all white. I think he had just been so used to staying in hotels that he had lost his creative side. Regardless, we came to a happy medium; Yellow and white. I didn’t know how I was going to incorporate the yellow but I knew that I was not getting yellow furniture. I have been so inspired by my sister and her blog that I knew I had the power to be great! I decided on having a stencil wall with letters and small accents here and there. For some reason, I wanted to have words and letters floating around the room, don’t ask me why. I went to Ace Hardware and purchased alphabet stickers.  Then we went to Ikea to find a nice picture to hang over the bed. They were a disappointment.
But guess what? Ikea sells fabric now! So I improvised and purchased this fabric and a frame to put it inside. Very cheap and cute idea.I am sure that any fabric will work. I tried this idea at my old apartment and it was just as cute. Record frames give this look a nicer outcome, but the Ikea frame worked just fine!
While these pics aren’t the greatest, they still can give you an idea of our work in progress :)
We went from this:

to this:

Next, we moved on to that alphabet wall. I started by placing the alphabet stickers all over the wall, then we painted over them with yellow paint. The wall started off like this:

and the finished product came out like this:

Now to be completely honest, I was sad that it was so bright. It was a nice idea but I think I should have gone for a more subtle yellow. It has started to grow on me though. To add a balance, we plan on adding more white and brown to calm the wall down a bit. We have already added floating shelves right above the bed. This project is not finished, but it will only get better :)
Up next was our little frames wall in in the hallway. Very simple. Just figure out what your theme will be and run with it. I went with what was on sale, a few small frames, and then I added a clock for balance.
The hardest part was arranging the pictures! We may add photos later but for now we have this:
Now, for my favorite room; the living room. We did our greatest collaboration here. He picked out the couch, which is red and has yet to be delivered…..another story for another day….we bothed loved the rug, I did the wall design and paint color, he picked the pictures and the lamp… I did the table & tv stand. We start out with this:

and ended up with this:

Once our red couch arrives, this room will be my all time favorite!!!!!! :)
I must say that while I pride myself on being creative, this kind of designing is a bit more challenging. There are just so many rooms to think about. Colors, furniture, layout, room sizes, paint, on and on and on! While I am glad we got the chance to try our hand at freestyle decorating, I know that when we move back to the states, we will plan a lot better and do one room at a time instead of 4!
How cute is their apartment? I can't wait until they get that red couch to place on the zebra rug. It looks so fun and so very rewarding! You can follow all of their experiences via Jessica's tumblr.

Good job Jessie and Quincy:)

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