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{Mini} Guest Room Makeover

Hello and happy Monday my good people! A couple weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of completing a mini-makoever for my friend/clients' guest bedroom. The challenge was to create a big 'bang' with a small budget. When approached with this project, I first did the happy dance, then called in my friend to assist. She has great design taste (runs in her family), and understands budgetary contraints, so it was the perfect marriage. Here is the room before:

Eggshell walls

Our client was looking for a cheery, chic, casual, and updated guest retreat. We utilized majority of the furniture in the room, and our client requested to add new end tables. Here is how this mini-makeover guest retreat turned out.

Bedding details

Message over the bed

Original chair recovered with new patterned fabric

All in all, we painted, added some accessories, a gallery wall, a complete over haul in new bedding, recovered the original chair, purchased new lamps, added white window sheers, and dark cherry side tables. Being that our client did not like items hanging over the bed, we opted for the vinyl decal instead that added a cheerful message to her guests. We have advised that in the future to complete the transformation that she should add a new lighting kit for the ceiling fan, an area rug, a headboard of some sort (tufted preferably), and she mentioned that she would be pulling up the pink carpet:) End the end, she was pleased! An exact source list is not available out of respect for our client.

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Monday!


  1. Great job Erin! I wish you were here to help me. I have ideas that I don't know how to implement. I would love lavender walls and some design tips but I hate seeing rooms with uneven color and I don't know how to paint. :(
    Afi :)

    1. Hey Afi! Thanks for stopping by! I love lavender. I dont have to be there to help, can always assist virtually. Shoot me an email and i will be happy to help!

  2. Nice job Diddy! That room looks so bright, sunny and alive now :)


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