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Creative Spotlight: Feathers, Leather & Lace

The Creative Spotlight is where I will showcase creative entrepreneurs who have mastered making a big impact on a small budget. Those who understand the limitations of the masses, but still want to offer creative outlets for individuals to express themselves.

 Today I want to spotlight one of the most creative individuals I know, Ms. Jessica Leigh!

Jessica is the owner and overall creative enthusiast behind one of the hottest handmade earring lines around. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Leigh to discuss her overall ambition behind her line, Feathers, Leather & Lace.

Erin:  Can you tell me the significance of your name Feathers, Leather & Lace?

Jessica: When I first started the brand over a year ago feathers were really popular but I didn't see many styles that a woman like myself would find fashionable. Starting out, I went after what I thought the need was. So with the name, I kept it simple by naming my company after the materials I commonly used. But as my designs evolved, I began to look at Feathers, Leather & Lace as a representation for the core of most women, regardless of their personal taste. Feathers are delicate, leather is kind of that edge that we have and lace is that classy traditional side. Also, all of my earrings are very lightweight so I guess the name transitioned into having several meanings! 

Erin: If you could describe your earring line in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Jessica: Tastemaking- I have always felt like I do what I want and someone is always going to find it trendy. FLL designs set trends.
Frugal- I have never thought it made sense to spend beyond your means just to look good. You can always look good and keep some money in the bank.
Original- Almost all of my earrings are one of a kind. Anyone who purchases earrings from me never has to worry about seeing a woman at an event with the same earrings on!

Erin: What motivated you to start this line and how long has it been around?

Jessica: I have always been the type of person to see something and say "I can do that". I am very creative and I feel like God has given us all gifts that will make room for us. Everyone possesses enough skill and ability to be their own boss. I love anything involving fashion, but I am also a little tomboy so I thought that other women like me would love what I had to bring to the table. My business has been around for a little over a year now.

Erin: How would you describe your target market, meaning what type of woman would wear Feathers, Leather & Lace?

Jessica: I honestly can say all women. I have so many different sides and they come through in the earrings that I create. Some days I feel wild, other days I fill like blending in and I think my line reflects that. I am also motivated by my friends' style. My friends all have different styles so I can truly say that any woman can look at my earrings and find something she likes.

Erin: Where do you see Feathers, Leather & Lace in 5 years?

Jessica: I see the company at a place that can be a blessing to others. Starting the business has never been about money, it's more about providing a creative outlet for myself. I want to be able to promote my creations and possibly partner with a non-profit. I also work full time as a high school teacher and I love being able to reach young kids and try to spark some sort of motivation in them, so I see FLL moving in that direction, on top of continuing to put out great pieces. I tried to get a couple of students to design earrings ad sell them whenever I had a vendor's booth, but they just weren't motivated. I want to help kids see their creative potential.

Erin: What does "living pretty on a penny" mean to you?

Jessica: Having money to spend on things that matter and using those left over funds to set your own bar when it comes to fashion. It is easy to buy something off the runway but if you can master living pretty on a penny then you are already winning! It also means not being a hostage to the "world of fashion".

Check out some photos of Jessica's one-of- a kind earring line....

Feathers, Leather & Lace prides themselves on offering a pricepoint for women of any budget to endulge. Prices range from $10-$25, and shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S is offered. If you would like to learn more about Feathers, Leather, & Lace, or even pick up a one-of-a kind pair visit the Feathers, Leather & Lace Etsy Shop or "like" her Facebook page.

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